In this article:

  • A member of the NSC bought a WW1 gun that arrived with a broken stock;
  • The freight company and its insurance company initially denied liability;
  • NSC intervention has resulted in S getting 50% compensation from the Freight company and the NSC donating $300;
  • The shipping dealer, Shooters Delight (Qld), is contributing a further $100, even though they were not at fault

IMAGINE if the 105 year old WW1 era German made Gewehr 98 rifle you bought in very good original condition arrived like this.

The rifle, which had survived not only one, but possibly two world wars, did not survive the handling given to it by a Queensland road transportation company.

The owner, S, lives in Western Australia and bought the gun online in January from a private Seller in QLD. The gun was shipped from the Seller’s Queensland dealer, Shooters delight in Underwood.

When the rifle arrived at the buyer’s dealer in WA on 19 January, they found it badly damaged and notified S straight away.  

If that wasn’t bad enough, the real trouble then started.  The transport company washed its hands of responsibility and was not interested in engaging in any discussion.

The damage was shown to the WA Arms & Armour Society, of which S is also a member.  They were also dismayed at the damage done, and the run-around treatment given to their member by the transport company.

The good news though is that the advice of one of their experts is that the gun can be repaired, at least to a condition that is aesthetically pleasing, even if it will never be able to shoot gain.

NSC threatens action

S turned to the NSC who contacted Shooters Delight in QLD and asked the dealer to make it clear to the transport company what the NSC had in mind. The dealer’s manager sent an email to the Freight company which said:

As my account manager I need to inform you that I have been contacted by a Mr.Peter Zabrdac who is the National President of the NSC (National Shooting Council), who has been engaged by the recipient of this damaged consignment (name redacted).

He intends to publicly name and shame [Redacted] via social media, their website and via podcast nationally across Australia.

I believe it would be beneficial to all parties to come to some sort of agreement prior to the above taking place, however the choice is yours.

It worked.  Following this, the transport company offered 50% compensation, which S has accepted. Plus, the NSC is topping this off with $300 to help S get the gun repaired and the sending dealer Shooters Delight has kindly agreed to contribute $100 as well, even though none of what happened was their fault. We’d like to sincerely thank them for this.

While the rifle can be repaired its worth has dropped and it will take an original replacement stock to restore its value which will be difficult to find as any original ones will be 100-120 years old.

In a thank you email to us S said:

Again many thanks for your assistance & behind the scenes work you & the crew at the NSC have done to assist me getting to this position of an offer of 50% compensation from [redacted].

I continue to sing your praises to anyone in the shooting fraternity who will listen.

One of my good ex army mates, has jumped onboard the NSC as a member as of last night & he was that impressed that there’s finally a shooting body/ organisation fighting for Gun owners that he didn’t even bother using the SSA or AHP codes & happy paid a full membership.

The more NSC members the better I say….as the more NSC members there are, equals the stronger the NSC can become & the more wins that Gun owners & those with the shooting community as a whole, can put on the winners board.

How S found the NSC

S joined the NSC in December after watching the “Shooting Stuff Australia / Australian Hunting Podcast” weekly Livestream show on YouTube – well before he ordered the gun.    If you haven’t seen the podcast then you need to: it is a great way to stay top of all things guns, gun laws and how we can fight to make them better.

This story shows the importance of having insurance on any firearms being shipped across the country. Don’t assume the seller and his/her dealer have organised insurance, confirm it in writing and save any heartache and problems. We spend good money on our guns as owners, hunters and collectors so make sure your covered.

And remember the NSC will always fight all day, every day for any member with a problem or who is in trouble.

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