Bad laws lead to bad outcomes

For years, shooters have been shut out of the policy process and want change.  That’s where we come in. 

We’re doing what no-one else has been able to do for the shooting sports – and we’ve got the results to show it.

We protect our members.  We’ve run legal actions to stop bad gun laws and exposed bad behaviour by regulators and politicians in the media to get them to change the way they do things.  We also help shooters work out who to vote for at state and territory election to make sure their vote counts.

Joining the NSC is a simple and powerful way to support this work.

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Shotgun, pistol, rifle. We cover the lot.

The National Shooting Council is Australia’s peak political and lobbying group for shooters and shooting organisations who are sick and tired of the political attacks on what we do.

We’re led by people with significant political experience from both sides of the political spectrum – and have shown what can be done when the right people come together.


We support candidates at elections who support the shooting sports, and oppose those who want to bring in more restrictions.


We advocate on your behalf for better laws and more resources to help you keep shooting.  We liaise extensively with the media.

Legal actions

We take – and win – legal actions on a regular basis. From reclassifications to bad regulatory decisions, we’ll take them on.

Need to contact the NSC?

The best way is to email us through our contact page by clicking here

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