The Toxic Liberal MP

JAMES NEWBURY is the Liberal Member for Brighton, in Melbourne’s inner south. 

Until 2018, the seat was held by long term Liberal MP, Louise Asher. Asher was a former minister and deputy leader for her party and anything but soft in her approach.

When she retired, her seat was handed over to Newbury – who decided to use his maiden speech in Parliament to speak against duck hunting in what looks to us like an immediate concession to the inner urban left. 

This is what he said:

“For three months each year, duck hunters — who represent half of 1 per cent of Victorians — kill and bag up to 10 ducks per day.”

“Though hunters are required to carry out ducks killed, hundreds of birds, including endangered species supposedly protected from being shot, are found dead during the season.

“Victoria’s natural environment and wildlife are a unique part of this state’s identity and a modern Liberal Party must speak out on behalf of the promotion and preservation of them.”

SSAA protects anti-duck hunting MP

FOR WHATEVER REASON, the SSAA then published an article suggesting that Mr Newbury was not calling for a ban on duck hunting. 

It met with Mr Newbury and then posted an article titled “Newbury: No ban on duck season” on its website.  That article can be seen by clicking here, in which it says:

“At the meeting Mr Newbury assured SSAA Victoria that he was not in favour of a ban on duck hunting.”

Age confirms Newbury’s anti-duck shooting stance

Yet, The Age recently published this table setting out which MPs were pushing for a ban on duck hunting.

It names Mr Newbury as still being against duck hunting.

We give Newbury a chance to clarify

The NSC wrote to Mr Newbury inviting him to clarify his position, but he has not done so, which suggests the paper’s report is correct.

The Liberal / National Coalition supports duck hunting which is great to see.

However it is clear that they have a loose cannon who is playing games behind their backs.

As for the SSAA, they either need to change their tune towards Newbury and join the NSC in condemning him, or provide a better explanation of why they believe Newbury isn’t anti-duck shooting.

It could make a start by posting another article, calling for Newbury’s resignation. We’ve already done it: Newbury needs to go.

We’ll help you work out who to vote for

IN THE MEANTIME, the NSC continues to work hard to provide the best advice it can ahead of November’s Victorian State Election before turning it’s mind towards the NSW State Election in March.

If you would like to keep across the campaign and help us make a point to our politicians that they must not take shooters for granted, then hop on our email list by clicking the image to the right.

7 thoughts on “Anti-gun MP dupes shooters over duck hunting

  1. grandad says:

    As you have revealed the Liberals have life long tactic of promising all and everything and when they are elected forget it all until a subseuqent election is ny and will then resurrect one or two items and push them through. They say all promises made are subject to the life of the parliament. Any firearm owner who votes Lib/Nat is a damn fool . If you value your ownership of any firearm vote for the SF&F party when ever they put up a candidate.
    As for dead birds found around swamp areas it is a known that aquatic birds foul their own water and many will die from botulism.
    Years ago in NSW dead birds were brought to a court as evidence of wrong birds being shot. The evidence was a dud as the birds hit by shotgun fire were found to be frozen when shot.
    How the hell these antis were not charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice is beyond me.
    But vote Liberal for the continued race to the bottom in all things.

  2. jack says:

    The SSAA is NOT for its members ,as it used to be ,it is now a multi million dollar business ,with an annual income in excess of $16,000,000. The SSAA is strangely silent on all issues ,where members are possibly exposed to ,or suffer potential
    penalties , due to political interference ,not of a constructive nature .
    As a result of the deafening silence demonstrated by the SSAA during the past years ,I will not renew my membership .

    • Chris says:

      Absolutely correct Jack and my wife and I will be doing the same by not renewing our worthless membership to SSAA. In my experience the SSAA just “preach to the converted” when they should be getting very much involved and being pro active in what MEMBERS actually need.
      We will support and join NSC instead.

  3. tony66au says:

    When it comes to politics often things are not as they seem but you can check up on a politician and how and what they voted on as a matter of Public record….
    Takes a bit of research but its always nice to see who is voting to the far left and sitting on the right.
    The Greens in particular have had some bedfellows in the past that would change the way we look at some organisations.
    Here’s a Start

  4. Trevor Curran says:

    All I would like to see happen again is to be able to shoot Vermin in places I used to be able to. eg State Forest areas in Victoria that have been re named State Parks. Then no shooting signs go up everywhere. Still take my Fox Whistle though. Plenty of Foxes & Cats still there. Cheers

  5. Brian Sayers says:

    So Newbury likes to quote statistics. (Half of one percent of Victorians shoot ducks.)
    Newbury is a lonely one in Brightons Electorate which statistically is just 0.0022% of electors. Statistics can be fun and prove the insignificance of Newbury’s views.

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