ANOTHER RECLASSIFICATION WIN:  The NSC has scored yet ANOTHER win on firearm reclassification, this time on the Desert Tech SRS in WA.

Last year, WA Police banned several firearms on appearance laws. The NSC ran two cases on the Ruger PC Charger which it won.  Around the same time, another shooter – M – started his own action on another of the banned guns, the Desert Tech SRS, which he already owned.

The NSC started working with M, helping him with both information from our actions, and access to our barrister.   WA Police fought hard to take M’s gun off him in the WA State Admin Tribunal, with the next directions hearing scheduled for today, Feb 11.

After some smart moves by our barrister, WA Police has now advised him that they will licence (‘permit’ in other states) Malcolm’s gun – which means he wins!

The NSC has now won several legal fights, and lost none. This is not only a great result for the shooting community, but adds to our library of knowledge of how to win legal fights over both firearm reclassifications and licence suspensions.   It’s something shooters have never had before, but now have in place BECAUSE of the NSC.

This is also an interesting win, with the WA election just one month away.  We’re not going to say too much now, but we will obviously be using this in the lead up to the election.

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