Become a Sponsor

Your club, association or business can become a Gold, Silver or Bronze sponsor to show your support for what we do.

Plus, you can get all our videos on NSCTV for no extra cost if you join us through Patreon.

Here’s what we offer.  For all tiers of sponsorship:

  • Placement of your logo with link on the front page of our website;
  • Placement of your logo with link on emails that go out to our extensive email list;
  • Placement of your logo on our video updates that we publish;
  • The right of your members, staff or customers to join the NSC with a $5 / $10 / $20 discount (each year – for Bronze, Silver, Gold respectively) AND for everyone who joins with that discount, we pay you a $5 fee for that person, (each year); and
  • Priority access to advice from the NSC. In many cases we can simply ‘steer you in the right direction’.  If you need legal help, we’ll put you in touch with the lawyers and barristers we use. 

Sponsorship tiers

We have 6 tiers in all. Three are for individuals (check our Patreon page) and three for corporate sponsors.

The three corporate levels are: 

$1,100 per annum (incl GST).

Ideal for major industry participants, such as dealers and wholesalers.

$500 per annum (incl GST).

For umbrella organisations that include companies and clubs.

$275 per annum (incl GST).

Perfect for clubs whose memberships are made up of individuals.

Want to get access to NSCTV for free?

Sponspor us through NSCTV to get access to the same sponsorship packages listed above, and you’ll get access to NSCTV for no extra cost. Your sponsorship will then be paid through Patreon.

Click here to check NSCTV out!

Or if you don’t want our videos, then simply email us at and we’ll send you more information and sign you up anyway.

For more information, contact us at

Got questions?

Sure. Just email us at and we’ll send you the info you need to get started.

Patreon is like YouTube, except that viewers pay a subscription from $1 month.  There are other options for $5 or $20 a month called “tiers”.  This helps us pay to produce the content we deliver.

We know people don’t like paying for content – who does?.  However, we’ve done this because we believe that with your support, we can get more and better video content out to shooters on the topics that concern them the most. 

We’ve developed subscriptions, including for:

  • individuals for $1 a month, $5 a month and $20 a month; and
  • corporate sponsors, subscriptions which include full Bronze, Silver and Gold sponsorships!  

NSCTV is new.  Brand new.

We’ll put new episodes out at least monthly at the start, and then weekly as soon as possible. 

Our aim is to move to then move to regular livestreams, covering everything political that matters to shooters.

The default view on Patreon is to see three tiers, but we have six.

It’s just that they are sorted in ascending order, from $1.

To see the NSC corporate sponsorships plans, select “See all 6 levels” in the grey box and then you’ll all six tiers

… or just email us at