Better recognition

What we stand for

Governments and oppositions should NEVER talk the shooting sports down.  They need to talk them up.

Political leaders need to be openly and publicly advocating for, and supporting, the shooting sports. 

Why there is a problem

Governments have the ability to influence public opinion and reputation. They have a responsibility to recognise activities and people who are good for the community but rarely, if ever, do. 

Our governments need to start providing greater public recognition of the benefits that shooting and the security industry bring to the community, as this would have a significant positive impact that would demystify the gun debate.


We will provide election support MPs who support the shooting sports and oppose those who do not.  

Their support must be public and material so that they support good public opinion of those who use firearms. It is not enough for them to say they support the shooting sports if they do not – and MPs who fall in that category will be opposed.