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NSC offers help to SIFA on FedEx’s carriage ban

THE NSC HAS OFFERED to work with the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia (SIFA) on the recent announcement by FedEx / TNT Express that it will cease transporting firearms and ammunition in Australia. The news, which was first broken to the NSC through our industry channels, has also been reported on SIFA’s website which can […]

The sorry saga of the 105 year old rifle

In this article: A member of the NSC bought a WW1 gun that arrived with a broken stock; The freight company and its insurance company initially denied liability; NSC intervention has resulted in S getting 50% compensation from the Freight company and the NSC donating $300; The shipping dealer, Shooters Delight (Qld), is contributing a […]

Queensland State Election: Remember the gun shop closures

SHOOTERS in Queensland will be going to the polls on October 31, although ‘early voting’ is open now. The NSC has this voting advice for shooters in Queensland, as part of our commitment to help shooters at every state, territory and federal election to work out who is safe to vote for.  Parties to choose […]