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SELF-DEFENCE: How you can help first aid hero fight unnecessary gun charges

IMAGINE if you went to provide first aid to someone who had been stabbed, but took something with you to protect yourself so you could return home, unharmed. That’s what one good Samaritan did – before being charged by police simply for staying safe. That’s the story you’re about to read here – and why […]

Stabbing hero pinged for rescuing neighbour

A SIGNIFICANT NUMBER of shooters believe that we should be able to have firearms for self-defence. Even those who disagree couldn’t argue that there can be times when you need to be able to use a firearm to defend yourself.    For example, when someone comes at you with a knife. The David Dunstan story […]

Why our lawmakers want appearance laws

– which they base on ‘could’, ‘may’, ‘potential’ and ‘assumption’ The NSC wrote to eight jurisdictional regulators about the policy rationale underpinning our appearance laws and has received seven responses back. Of those seven: Two jurisdictions offered explanations of why they have the laws; One jurisdiction showed it doesn’t even understand what its own laws […]