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NSC wins key reclassification fight

THE NSC has had a win on reclassification that could pave the way for more legal actions in several states – in what could become the legal ‘house of cards’ for  regulators who reclassify firearms without substantiation. In this article:   The NSC wins a key battle against the reclassification of the Ruger PC Charger […]

COVID LIES: Another shooter gets his licence back

ANOTHER VICTORIAN SHOOTER who had his licence suspended and firearms seized for simply receiving a COVID fine has had his licence reinstated by the Victorian Licensing & Regulation Division of VicPol. The shooter, X, who is another member of the NSC, needed his licence and firearms for his employment.  The NSC was able to assist X […]

Queensland State Election: Remember the gun shop closures

SHOOTERS in Queensland will be going to the polls on October 31, although ‘early voting’ is open now. The NSC has this voting advice for shooters in Queensland, as part of our commitment to help shooters at every state, territory and federal election to work out who is safe to vote for.  Parties to choose […]

WA GUN GRAB: Independent reclassification action continues

AN INDEPENDENT ACTION against the reclassification of firearms in WA that had been dismissed, has been resurrected by a tribunal Member with a conscience. The independent action WHEN the NSC commenced its action in the Western Australia State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) to fight the ban on the Ruger PC Charger on ‘appearance laws’, it became […]