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RECLASSIFICATION: Breakthrough WIN on Ruger PC Charger

IN A MAJOR LEGAL BATTLE with WA Police, the NSC has scored a key victory in getting the Ruger PC Charger licensed in Western Australia. It is an outcome that we believe will pave the way for the gun to be able to be registered in NSW, TAS and South Australia, which are trying to […]

Feds make up story on appearance laws

HOME AFFAIRS MINISTER, KAREN ANDREWS, is responsible for why we have ‘appearance laws’ in the National Firearms Agreement. However her bureaucracy has been caught out making up a story to back why we have appearance laws. In this article: The NSC asked Minister Andrews, to remove the appearance laws from the NFA after no jurisdiction […]

NSC files second calibre case in WA

THE NSC HAS launched a new legal action in WA on a shooters right to have access to a calibre required to do pest eradication. This is the second matter the NSC is sponsoring on calibres, which is in addition to the three other current matters it has going on reclassification out West.  In all […]

Tasmania’s gun laws: Made on ‘assumptions’

The NSC is recommending shooters voting in the 1 May Tasmanian State Election change their vote away from the Liberals. This year’s election is one of the most important ones that shooters in Tasmania have had for quite a while.  Tasmania has an unfriendly firearms registry, an education policy that opposes and denigrates organised clay […]

Why our lawmakers want appearance laws

– which they base on ‘could’, ‘may’, ‘potential’ and ‘assumption’ The NSC wrote to eight jurisdictional regulators about the policy rationale underpinning our appearance laws and has received seven responses back. Of those seven: Two jurisdictions offered explanations of why they have the laws; One jurisdiction showed it doesn’t even understand what its own laws […]

RECLASSIFICATION: NSC extends the fight to Tasmania

The NSC has filed another reclassification action, this time in Tasmania, less than a month out from that state’s general election. Even better is the news that this fight is in a higher court, being the Tasmanian Magistrates Court The fight is over a familiar friend – the Ruger PC Charger. In this case, Tasmania […]