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NSC supports 300 Win Mag case – against the ‘military trained marksman’

The NSC is supporting a fight in WA over the use of .300 Win mags (.308 Winchester Magnums) against an officer who believes he knows more about pest eradication than those who do the work. In fact he has made some startling statements that we are confident will expose WAPol’s lack of knowledge about firearms. […]

NSC keeps pressure up on reclassification

The first directions hearings in the three actions the NSC recently filed in WA are about to start. Plus we’re getting ready to file two new actions in Tasmania. Western Australia The first hearings in the NSC’s three new actions in the WA SAT to fight the reclassification of firearms in that state will take […]

Tackling reclassification head-on

TASMANIA POLICE have just banned several more firearms, with other states following suit. Already we are lining up more actions in NSW, ACT, SA and Tas. The NSC has an ambitious plan to take on more and more legal actions simultaneously beat reclassification wherever it pops up. Even if we have to use MULTIPLE lawyers […]

RECLASSIFICATION: Collectors now in the firing line

Detachable stocks on collectable handguns WA POLICE are looking to ban pistols that can be fitted with detachable stocks using “appearance laws” in what could become a serious problem for collectors nationally.Their choice is to fight – or watch their highly valuable and collectible pistolsgo into the crusher.REGULAR READERS will be familiar with the NSC’s […]

RECLASSIFICATION: NSC gives WAPol a triple serve

WESTERN AUSTRLIA POLICE are doubling down on their hatred for guns they don’t like the look of, so we’ve just hit them with three new reclassification actions. Key Points: The NSC has launched three new legal actions on reclassification in WA; Another 10 actions nation-wide are being planned; Your support is needed WESTERN AUSTRLIA POLICE […]

BAD GUN LAWS: NSC wins another WA reclassification fight

ANOTHER RECLASSIFICATION WIN:  The NSC has scored yet ANOTHER win on firearm reclassification, this time on the Desert Tech SRS in WA. Last year, WA Police banned several firearms on appearance laws. The NSC ran two cases on the Ruger PC Charger which it won.  Around the same time, another shooter – M – started […]

NSWPol’s new bolt action ban

NSW Police have done it again – they are moving to ban another straight-pull bolt action shotgun, in what is going to lead to another legal fight by the NSC. LESS THAN A MONTH after giving the Berika straight-pull shotgun the green light, NSW Police have advised the importer of the almost identical Predator straight-pull shotgun […]

NSW reclassification update – Adler and Berika

KEY POINTS: The Adler B230T is not going to be reclassified in NSW However, a variant of the Berika straight-pull shotgun has been reclassified to category D: other versions will remain category A The NSC remains the only organisation that will take legal action if we can find an applicant seeking to purchase that variant. […]

NSC wins VicPol reclassification move

TO CAP OFF A GREAT YEAR for the NSC, we’ve now received advice from Victoria Police that it has dropped plans to reclassify the C-More Competition M26 Shotgun. We know that other registries are waiting to see what happens in Victoria on that firearm, so this may be a win in more ways than one! […]

NSC on track to win another reclassification fight in WA

IF YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW why it is a great idea to be a member of the NSC, then here it is: the NSC looks set to win another reclassification fight in WA.  Technically it isn’t our action. It was launched by another individual, however the NSC is providing full legal help, including through its barrister. If […]

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