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Why the NSC is our best chance at fighting bad gun laws

RECLASSIFICATION is the bane of the shooting world.  It allows bureaucrats to arbitrarily change the classification of otherwise legally held firearms, to make them illegal to continue to hold – all because of ‘how they look’. It’s ‘policy on the run’ and needs to be stopped. The NSC has just won a key legal fight […]

NSC wins key reclassification fight

THE NSC has had a win on reclassification that could pave the way for more legal actions in several states – in what could become the legal ‘house of cards’ for  regulators who reclassify firearms without substantiation. In this article:   The NSC wins a key battle against the reclassification of the Ruger PC Charger […]

WA GUN GRAB: Independent reclassification action continues

AN INDEPENDENT ACTION against the reclassification of firearms in WA that had been dismissed, has been resurrected by a tribunal Member with a conscience. The independent action WHEN the NSC commenced its action in the Western Australia State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) to fight the ban on the Ruger PC Charger on ‘appearance laws’, it became […]

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