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RECLASSIFICATION: NSC gives WAPol a triple serve

WESTERN AUSTRLIA POLICE are doubling down on their hatred for guns they don’t like the look of, so we’ve just hit them with three new reclassification actions. Key Points: The NSC has launched three new legal actions on reclassification in WA; Another 10 actions nation-wide are being planned; Your support is needed WESTERN AUSTRLIA POLICE […]

NSWPol’s new bolt action ban

NSW Police have done it again – they are moving to ban another straight-pull bolt action shotgun, in what is going to lead to another legal fight by the NSC. LESS THAN A MONTH after giving the Berika straight-pull shotgun the green light, NSW Police have advised the importer of the almost identical Predator straight-pull shotgun […]

NSW reclassification update – Adler and Berika

KEY POINTS: The Adler B230T is not going to be reclassified in NSW However, a variant of the Berika straight-pull shotgun has been reclassified to category D: other versions will remain category A The NSC remains the only organisation that will take legal action if we can find an applicant seeking to purchase that variant. […]

NSC on track to win another reclassification fight in WA

IF YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW why it is a great idea to be a member of the NSC, then here it is: the NSC looks set to win another reclassification fight in WA.  Technically it isn’t our action. It was launched by another individual, however the NSC is providing full legal help, including through its barrister. If […]

“Tinder” claim: How Victorian shooter licence info is being used

RISKY ACCESS:  Lawyers, accountants, journalists, politicians, teachers, and even children as young as 12 and disabled, who have done nothing wrong, are having permanent criminal record profiles routinely created for them in what one state MP has called a ‘Tinder’ system for bored police officers. Victoria Police maintains a Law Enforcement Assistance Program database – […]

“Too bad, so sad”: VicPol’s disgraceful targetting of Mike Sloan

VicPol LRD cancels the business and handgun licences of licensed security industry instructor, Michael Sloan, for failing to respond to demands for information about his business’s viability The demands took place while Mike was in hospital recovering after a heart attack and with an officer responding to his explanation as “too bad, so sad”– in […]

Media release – NSW firearms registry targets border clubs

The following is a media release the NSC has just put out on the NSW registries decision to force border clubs to cut ties with interstate shooting associations: The NSW firearms registry has advised gun clubs near the state’s borders that they will need to cut formal ties with interstate shooting associations if they wish […]

Why the NSC is our best chance at fighting bad gun laws

RECLASSIFICATION is the bane of the shooting world.  It allows bureaucrats to arbitrarily change the classification of otherwise legally held firearms, to make them illegal to continue to hold – all because of ‘how they look’. It’s ‘policy on the run’ and needs to be stopped. The NSC has just won a key legal fight […]

NSC wins key reclassification fight

THE NSC has had a win on reclassification that could pave the way for more legal actions in several states – in what could become the legal ‘house of cards’ for  regulators who reclassify firearms without substantiation. In this article:   The NSC wins a key battle against the reclassification of the Ruger PC Charger […]

COVID LIES: Another shooter gets his licence back

ANOTHER VICTORIAN SHOOTER who had his licence suspended and firearms seized for simply receiving a COVID fine has had his licence reinstated by the Victorian Licensing & Regulation Division of VicPol. The shooter, X, who is another member of the NSC, needed his licence and firearms for his employment.  The NSC was able to assist X […]

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