WE’VE SEEN IT time and time again – the cartoons of ducks holding guns in an apparent leveller for our feathered friends in the field.

Yet the Greens actually think that happens.

The Greens position on duck hunting is well known.  However in the response to the NSC seeking MPs positions on the matter, from the office of the leader of the Greens in Victoria, Samantha Ratnam, responded saying that the Greens:

“want to ban the duck shooting”

Well, first there’s the topic of wanting to ban duck shooting, and then there’s the top of banning “the” duck shooting. 

The Greens want to ban “the” duck shooting, and our view is that if there is any duck that can handle a shotgun, then we’d like to see it.

ON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE, the Greens do want to ban duck shooting and this will happen if shooters in Victoria do not vote properly at November’s Victorian State Election.

Tell your mates that if they want to keep hunting – whether its ducks, deer or whatever – they MUST at least stay up to date on what’s happening with the election, which they can do by hopping on our email list by clicking here.

7 thoughts on “Greens MP confirms intelligent ducks are real

  1. Frank Gaylard says:

    Are these Greens for real man survived buy hunting and gathering. These idiots have no idea about anything.

  2. Derrick Bunn says:

    It’s a matter of education. And educating the public that the “Greens” are not an environmental organisation, but a placeholder for the ultra left, neo-fascists, that seek to control us.

  3. Yellow Jacket says:

    They are not greens because real greens would go hunting to feed themselves while protecting the environment at the same time. A true greenie would also be self-sufficient by growing there own food. The current Australian Greens are nothing but new age totalitarian Trotskyites trying to enforce destructive UN “environmental policies”on the population by stealth. They would happily take this country back to the 1700s or Stone Age if given the chance. Maybe we should be calling them water melons instead. ( GREEN on the outside but RED on the inside)

  4. Ces Barraza says:

    If ducks are intelligent, then thats another reason to allow us to have semi-autos to combat this avian threat!

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