Are  you one of the many shooters who will need to vote at this year’s SA, Vic or federal election?

Here’s why you need to think about how your vote can help the shooting sports.

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Some elections are decided on Wafer thin margins

If you think your vote doesn’t matter, then here are some instances where seats have been one or lost on just a handful of votes.

In some cases, by margins that could turn on just a couple of households.

Case 1:  In 1917, Labor’s Samuel Nicholls defeated the sitting House of Reps Nationalist MP, Ernest Carr, by 9 votes.

Case 2:  In 2018, Ripon (Vic) incumbent Liberal Party and pro-gun MP Lousie Staley beat Labor’s Sarah de Santis by 15 votes. Probably shooters.

Case 3: In 2020, the CLP’s Steve Edgington won the seat of Barkly over Labor’s Sid Vashist by 5 votes.

Case 4:  In 2020, Labor’s Rob Skelton won the Qld seat of Bundaberg by 9 votes from the LNP’s Marty Hunt.

… and in Case 5, in 1968, SA Minister, Des Corcoran, held the seat of Millicent by 1 vote. The result was appealed resulting a by-election that Corcoran won – later becoming SA’s Premier.

Don’t ever think  your vote doesn’t matter. Sometimes just a few people can change government.

How shooters can help

The first thing to remember is that getting better gun laws starts with voting properly. 

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Also, check our recent story covering all three elections – and how you can donate to the NSC’s Election Fighting Fund – by clicking the orange link below.

CHECK OUT our recent blog covering all three elections. 

It contains important dates – and info on how you can donate to the NSC’s Election Fighting Fund.

5 thoughts on “Find out why you need to vote – in less than a minute

  1. Graham says:

    I just love your work guys, I have belonged to SSAA and Ada , but never achieved what you guys have.

  2. Hans C Witteveen says:

    Not only single seats, shooters changed the Victorian government in the 1996 elections. no one wants to admit this in public but the Kennett government got the flick because of imposing Hward’s NFA. The incumbent Lib/Nats already suffered great losses which could be hidden under ‘minor Parties’ but in the end the margin was so tight that the single electorate of Geelong West made the difference, and this is where the shooters vote can be shown to be pivotal. Geelong West changed to Labor with a margin of 16 votes, If half that number had voted Lib/Nat the government would have survived.= they even considered challenging the result in the Court of Disputed Returns. In politics, various ‘pressure groups’ may well cancel each other, but in 1996 the was a very large electorate the had been hurt by the government and changed their traditional vote. Bet we could still find 9 voters in Geelong West who changed their vote that time!

  3. David M says:

    I just looked at the by-election results (preliminary) in NSW. The sheer number of votes and where reinforce the fact that the hate does not stop. When China invades Taiwan and the crowd protests in the cities waving Chinese flags, they will know martial arts. Remember the violence and death (Kyle Mitchell) doled out to anti experimental genetic modifiers and so on protesters in Melbourne (exactly the same use of labels and hate, with anything done to them presented as justified, as was done to us, same method, different subject: suppressing dissent. Including what’s now called lockout)? The boot will be on the other foot. Do not help the cities, even if police ask for your help with your gun. We have been hated and persecuted for decades. They can burn in hell.

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