THE NATIONAL SHOOTING COUNCIL now offers shooters in Queensland, New South Wales (R licence) and Victoria hunting as a genuine reason for holding their shooters licences.

It means that more of your investment in shooting will go towards protecting the future of our sport than before – and might even cost you less.

Leading our political fights

In a little over two years, The NSC has carved its place out as the leading organistions for lobbying, taking legal action against dud gun laws and covering every election campaign. 

This is action that has been badly need for a long time, in the face of opponents who simply don’t see the positives that come with firearm use.

Sick and tired of seeing inaction erode what they do, shooter have repeatedly asked the NSC to provide genuine reason. The most common complaint is about what existing shooting organisations who claim to be fighting for our rights, simply aren’t doing that – and that many of you would jump ship from where you are now, if we were able to offer genuine reason.

Three states down, more to go

Well, the great news is that we’re now able to offer genuine reason in Queensland, NSW (R licence) and Victoria.

To do this, we partnered with the Hunters & Shooters Society of Australia (HSSA) who provide the genuine reason (inclusive of $20 public liability insurance), for a total cost of $85 – which is cheaper than some other organisations (SSAA’s base for regular members is $93),  

Or, if our genuine reason isn’t right for you, you can continue to enjoy NSC membership without these frills for just $35 for regular membership or $25 for pensioners.

What we do

The NSC doesn’t run shooting ranges, so we can’t offer that to you.

However most shooters don’t have access to a range or need one, so we’re hoping our membership offering will have a wider appeal among shooters than is currently offered by most shooting organisations.

What we provide is real representation for shooters through legal actions, political action and the provision of pro-gun voting advice at every state, territorial and federal election. 

Simply put, the NSC offers real political benefits for shooters, regardless of whether or not they shoot at ranges.  

The long term goal

The NSC aims to continue to make genuine reason for hunting even more accessible in other states and territories – and eventually expand into target shooting and gun collecting.

We will also be ramping up our political actions – and take an increasingly harder line against unfriendly politicians.

Got a mate who needs genuine reason?

Great! Let them know that they can get this through us

Sign up now!

To join the NSC, simply click here. You will then have two choices – either to join the NSC as a regular member, or join as a member with genuine reason.

Currently a member?

Are you a current member of the NSC who would like to upgrade to genuine reason? 

Just contact the NSC at for a discount code which will help you upgrade to genuine reason.

9 thoughts on “Genuine Reason: At long last!

  1. Anthony says:

    Fantastic news. I, along with many more have been calling for this for many years. All groups must unite and ego’s need to be swept aside. No more of this my shotgun is better than your rifle, my pistol is more important than your shotgun bullshit. Our sport demands this. We could be one of the most powerful lobby groups in the land if we put aside our differences and united for a common cause. I hope this is the beginning of a new and great chapter in gun rights and ownership in Australia. Keep fighting the good fight for the good people of Australia.

    • Geoff Rath says:

      Terrific outcome! As written earlier, the internicine arguments between codes has been destroying our strengths. I’ve followed different forms of shooting over the years; the contrariness that has existed has been almost soul-destroying. Can we get some cooperation going; put together a cross-discipline meetings on local, state, and National levels please? No need for face-to-face meetings (too timewasting, and expensive)
      Great work by all those involved.

  2. Bob says:

    Great work once again by the NSC. If certain other so called shooting bodies were even half as active then shooters would be in a much better place. Well done again!!

  3. Ken R says:

    I have been a Victoria Lawman & later a Qld lawman. I am also a licensed shooter. I agree that the news is very buoying to those who want to share marshes, dams & other waterways when the season opens again with so many “not so qualified shooters” in your midst. Not for me thanks but great for those who want the choice.

  4. Mic says:

    Very good ! The next one will be the hardest; the right of self defense against home invasion, using one’s firearm.
    The reason is that the state reserves for itself that prerogative – not a right, without challenge from the citizen.

  5. Steve calder says:

    If I join the nsc, Do I have to still be with the ssaa and shoot at the range 3 times a year? Or is this a reason for my licence ?

    • Neil Jenkins says:

      Hey Steve. Our genuine reason is only for hunting, not target shooting so yes you’ll need to stay with the SSAA. We do intend to offer genuine reason for target shooting but it won’t be soon. Hope that helps.

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