Victoria’s Police Minister, Lisa Neville, wants to change our gun laws to make it easier to slap 10 year gun bans on anyone doing little more than copping a speeding fine.

We bet she didn’t count on the reaction she’d get.

NSC breaks story on 10 year gun bans

Last Sunday, we broke the story about how changes to Victoria’s Firearms Act were set to make a bad situation for shooters worse, by extending the reach of 10 year gun bans for what police officers can deem to be ‘bad behaviour’.

Click here to see that story.

The problem with the law is that there is no safeguard against what form of behaviour might attract a ban.

Whoever gets a ban can then also be subjected to warrantless searches and stopped from going anywhere guns are stored – including a friend’s or relative’s place.

The laws, which are known as Firearm Prohibition Orders, are claimed by the government to target criminals and bikies – but the law does not say that.

Rather than fixing the problem, the government is now proposing to make it easier for police to issue FPOs by extending the delegation to inspectors.

She got the message. Thanks to you!

Upset with that, many of you emailed the Police Minister to let her know that the new laws were not on.

You used an email facility that cc’d us into the emails so we could count them.

Over 1,100 emails were sent, which means the minister got the message.

What a great result (and if you haven’t sent an email but would like to – chcek out the email facility on our story which you can see by clicking here)

The fight is far from over

This is a fight we need to win.

It’s also a fight that is about to show which shooting organisations have a commitment to push back against bad gun laws, and which of them don’t.

In the next couple of days, we’ll be updating you more on what is being done to get these laws changed, or scrapped altogether.

That’s why more and more shooters are supporting what we do.

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7 thoughts on “GUN BAN UPDATE: Minister gets over 1,000 emails

  1. bird on a wire says:

    “She got the message”
    …And the message only makes these authoritarian types, who have been positioned by type; double and triple down on their puissance.

  2. Allan wayne Wyhoon says:

    Sent your genetic letter to Minister and why current laws already don’t work explaining about a guy who for over ten years had been persecuted by another with multiple abuses (40 taped and breached the 5 IVO’s he received) Assaulted twice $50,000-00 in legal costs . Leased farm which is his income for 6.5 years to stop false claims to courts trying to take his firearms . Took farm back in Sept. 2019 assaulted Oct 2019 -60 feet on his own property BUT NO PENALTY. This guy is me .Local member gave documents in parliament to police minister on 1st assault/have all doc. Have more to tell.

  3. Ken+R says:

    Although a Jew, I am still a licensed shooter & a former Police Officer in Vict. Then again a former Qld as Detective that goes out on the dingle one way shooter & an avid shooter on the two range.
    The proposed changes {many I will never agree with} to Victoria Firearms acts can be considered a growth need, with room to actively negotiate those proposed changes that really need a cleanup that can be facilitated by good governance, strong leadership, honesty and confidence to get the job done.

    Kol Tuv,

    Ken R
    Disabled By Service Incurred Injuries
    Former International Civil Servant
    Association Internationale de Police L/13453 / HGH Servo per Amikeco

  4. Barry says:

    Put the continuity of our driving licences under threat of the same random interpretation of a vague legislation by a sea of individual police officers and the unattractive principle of these proposals may become a little more personal.
    The courts decide matters related to the continuity of my driving licence., not a police officer.

  5. Brett says:

    Police need to stop bashing law abiding gun owners with these types of dictatorship threats. Having traffic affenceses are not a genuine reason for cancellation of a firearm license, these would be a good reason ONLY if the traffic offender repeats. These goes for any other offence not just a one off. It would only take one officer who had]s had a bad day for someone to loose their license.

  6. oppressed shooters says:

    iv been cooking out in state forest vic
    had two shella coppers turn up not day over 25
    ask me why i had fire going said i was cooking lunch. told me to pack up go home
    “reason” ? if every one did this there would be no trees left. well thats not law its your opinion

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