What is Gunkeeper?

GunKeeper is a program of donations and sponsorships that helps gun clubs and shooting businesses.

With the recent COVID-19 closures, gun clubs and shooting businesses are doing it really tough. Shooting brings significant social, environmental and economic benefits to the community which is why it’s important for us all to do our bit to help it through these difficult times.

Some clubs and businesses are struggling to re-open their doors, and those that do may be struggling to keep their heads above water for years to come.

Worse still, if people leave the sport and we can’t attract new participants, which will not be good for the future of shooting.

That’s why the National Shooting Council has launched GunKeeper, to help gun clubs and shooting businesses get through this.

For gun clubs

We’re giving every eligible gun club a $100 donation every year, and a $100 sponsorship every year in the form of a gift voucher from a supporting eligible shooting business to award to deserving members annually.

For shooting businesses

Shooting businesses can offer one-year NSC memberships as ‘freebies’ for purchases over $200. Plus supplying vouchers for our eligible gun clubs! The discounted membership is also available for every principle and employee of the business.

Plus discounted membership

For both clubs and supporting shooting businesses, the NSC is also making discounted NSC membershipavailable to every member and employee. For those entities, the price is $15 for working adults and $10 for pensioners – which is less than half the normal price.

Want to know more?

At this stage, the program will last indefinitely. It will not cost you anything – all you need to do is to agree to the terms of the program – and you can opt out at any time.

If you run a shooting club or business, then simply drop us a line at admin@nationalshooting.org.au