THE HEALTH SERVICES UNION is a member based union that covers those working in the health sector, from aged care to security workers.

Many of their own members are shooters. 

If you are a shooter, odds are you will know shooters who are members – whether you realise it or not.

The union that went rogue

Yet the Western Australian branch of the HSU recently published an article in its fortnightly HSUWA Member Newsletter, backing one of its members who claims to have campaigned to force shooters to get mental health checks.

The link in the article points to an article the ABC published on the subject a while ago – which you can see by clicking here.

Was O'Neill a trojan horse?

It would be a long stretch for any one person sitting outside of government to claim to be responsible for bringing the new requirement in.

This is especially the case where WA has a Police Minister who clearly has his own agenda. However the HSU has decided to hold her up as having led the charge.

Whether they realise it or not, there is no doubt O’Neill’s claim is a Trojan Horse for the HSU because this one post has meant it has taken a position that is clearly antagonistic towards shooters – including many who will be members of its own organisation.

That’s why we suggest members of the HSU let it know why its position is not good enough – and why some will no doubt resign.  If you are one of those who resigns, you need to explain to the union why.

Regardless of whether you do or don’t resign, we recommend you demand that the HSU openly and unequivocally, and by 22 March, publishes a position that:  

  • supports the shooting sports;
  • rejects the WA Government’s announcement to introduce mental health checks for licenced shooters; and
  • rejects the restrictions on calibres.

Contact the HSU Now. Regardless of what state you are in

We suggest you contact the HSUWA  at – and their national office at – and copy us at

Tell them what you think.

About O'Neill

O’Neill was the victim of a husband who committed a crime against her family. It was a truly awful thing for her to go through and we genuinely wish her well now and into the future.

However, she and others need to resist the temptation of taking their anger or concerns out on others in the community who did no wrong. 

Her comments are aimed at the many, many shooters in WA for something they didn’t do – and have already demonstrated they are fit and proper to hold licences.

A crime is a crime – and there is a regime in place to deal with them.

Importantly there is no suggestion of any pattern of crime like this in WA (or elsewhere in Australia), that suggest that extreme measures like this are even worth contemplating.

As former Senator David Leyonhjelm once said, being a victim of gun crime does not qualify a person on gun policy.

As much as this was a horrible personal tragedy, it needs to be dealt with that way. It was wrong for her to try and taint shooters the way she did.

5 thoughts on “Health Services Union pushes for gun ownership restrictions

  1. Bob Nicolson says:

    In relation to mental health checks. What Doctor or person with what qualification is going to decide whether someone is mentally fit or not hold a firearms license. Psychiatrist’s have the highest rate of suicide of any occupation, so it easily could be argued that they are not able to assess someone’s mental capabilities.

  2. jack says:

    Strangely enough ,when a person of a foreign extraction deliberately drove his vehicle into people at a Melbourne
    Mall , killing and maiming innocent people ,Politicians were exhorting the Australian population ,not to “Blame ”
    everyone of that particular nationality ,saying ,we must only blame the wrongdoer ,everyone is responsible for their actions . Seems this only applies if it suits the Political Agenda .

    • Hugh Jwang says:

      Very true; but then, the value of opinion of a politician is worthless as they’re experts in nothing useful and only parrot what the unelected bureaucrats tell them to say.
      The evidence is there as they believe the Hollywood narrative that suppressors make a gun go almost completely silent and that Islam is not a proven religion of hate.

  3. chris says:

    If we ALL don’t call out these problems that the shooting community unjustifiably has, then, as the saying goes “we get what we deserve” Do nothing and that is exactly what we will get, sweet F’all and in doing so, we get what we deserve. Think about that ! and if you are not already, AT LEAST join this organization. I have and I hunt with a bow !!!! This is important for every one.

  4. Paul McCausland says:

    If little Johny Coward had not of desired to put his name in the history books for destroying our Original God fearing Constitution we would not be treated, collectively as mentally ill and fearful citizens. Strange! we have not elected to change our Constitution to ban knives, cars, buses, trucks or trains, let alone aeroplanes, due to the extreme number of deaths they have caused. You know cricket can be quite a dangerous sport too?
    Hitler proved a whole nation could think and act insanely, too, it is unwise to change our fore fathers sensible ideology in our great constitution, designed for our nation.

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