SHOOTERS are facing three elections this year.

Who we’re up against

Herald Sun headline reflecting the start of the 1996 attack on shooters.

FEW COULD ARGUE that we’re dealing with political parties who don’t know about the shooting sports, or care about its future.

To many politicians, guns are dangerous and the more that are taken out of the community, the better. They’ve taken stuff off us in the past and remain a constant danger to what we do.

Yet there are nearly 1 million of us who know that is far from being true. We can easily point to the social benefits, economic benefits, and the safety of what we do – but those who don’t inform themselves, simply don’t want to know.

EVEN as the 1996 buybacks were getting underway, our critics had to pause while Russell Mark and Michael Diamond took front and back pages of our major papers after winning Olympic Gold.

It was a moment that demonstrated what our politicians need to understand.  Yet they didn’t learn – and didn’t care. 

If anything, the problem has gotten worse. Since then, we’ve had more guns banned and many current politicians simply don’t understand the problem.

We deserve better. We’re not after an apology but do want recognition and strong government support.  These aren’t forthcoming, which is why we need to use the political process to make that happen.

It took gold medals from Russell Mark (pictured) and Michael Diamond to remind our politicians what we do.

State elections coming up in SA and Vic

In May 2021, we wrote to the major parties in both states.

While there has been dialogue, none of them impressed us with any understanding of our problem – or demonstrated a reason why we should support them. 

Voting is compulsory – so better to use it carefully than not at all

Who you vote for is your business, but hopefully we can give you some general info from a shooting perspective that will help you work out who to vote for – or not vote for.   

The approaches we’re likely to take in SA and Vic will be to send a message to the governments of both states that they need to do a lot better.

That is not to say we support their respective oppositions – because regrettably the oppositions in both states have also fallen short. 

We’re still a few weeks away from seeing the nominations in SA (and a few months away for Vic).  Some of you will be spoilt for choice while others won’t be.  Whatever your situation may be, we’ll get what information we can to you, as soon as we can.

The federal election

While gun laws are a state matter, the feds oversee the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) and control what can or can’t be imported, so shooters still have an opportunity to make our votes count.

In this case we’ll be focussing on the Liberal’s Karen Andrews and Jason Wood because of the shoddy way they have been treating shooters through the NFA. 

Both had the chance to address appearance laws but didn’t do anything.  Both had a chance to make the NFA shooter-friendly, but haven’t even lifted a finger.  Instead the NFA is a mess, and they need to get the message.

Even the federal government must take some responsibility for the state of our gun laws

What we'll do- and how you can help

Our how to vote information will come out approximately two weeks before each election – but it will be largely along the lines of what we have said here.

The first election will be SA on 19 March

Then we’ve got the federal election around May, and the Victorian election on 26 November.

If you’re keen to support this work by donating, then check out this fundraiser.

All funds raised will go towards us doing more, and more, and more as each election rolls by.

If you’re a major party candidate who supports what we do, then contact us now

Our election fundraising campaign will support this year’s three elections.  It will cover the different ways we help shooters who to vote for – from advertising to letterbox drops. 

Every shooter we can convince to vote a particular way, is another vote to help the shooting sports.

Don’t miss the news!

You can join our email list for all the latest news – and updates – by clicking the email button here.   We’ll send you updates as each election comes around – so make sure you get the news!

7 thoughts on “How to get behind our 2022 election campaign

  1. Mark says:

    Liberal Democrats are definitely the most active multi policy, pro gun and pro shooter rights party in the country, and have been since their inception. They have also been the loudest voices in opposition to Dan Andrews horrific attack on humanity and freedom in the last two years. Vote 1 LibDems in Vic election this year. Our only Libertarian party in the country.

  2. David Alexander says:

    When it comes to voting its a minefield. I do not know who supports what and am just guessing. This goes from local elections to the federal elections.
    I would love to be advised on how to vote to support the shooting community best.
    It would be great if you guys posted how to vote cards to support the shooting comunity.

  3. Ian Allwood says:

    My club , SSAA Eidsvold QLD , is actively discriminating against unvaccinated members . We are not allowed at the club at all. I need a LEGAL letter to present to them . Can you help us please . Thank you .

    • Moopere says:

      I heard about this. There are of course several directions you could go given such discrimination. However, given this appears to be the clubs view … why would you want to be part of such an organization? For mine I’d be getting a refund for services that they won’t be providing (given their discrimination) and finding a more free, open, inclusive and overall better club.

  4. Glenn Baileys says:

    I too would like to know how to vote to get the best result for the sporting shooter the paperwork is just a half arsed guess which is no good for anyone thanks fer yer time

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