THE NSC has released this voting advice for shooters voting at this year’s Federal Election.

Guns are mostly a state issue, but the Federal Government makes a lot of noise about the fact it is responsible for the National Firearms Agreement.

That means they can’t avoid their responsibility, and why we’re making some recommendations for this year’s federal election.

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Western Australia

There’s a lot in this for shooters in Western Australia who are up against a tyrannical state Labor Government which needs to feel the heat from their federal Labor counterparts.

That’s why we’re recommending shooters in that state vote against Labor.


It’s similar in Victoria where we’re recommending shooters vote against Labor to send a message to the Andrew’s Government that it should have fought for shooting to be included in the Commonwealth Games.

Plus, we’re not impressed over changes that the Andrews Government made to the state’s laws which is why once again, we want to send a message to Labor, even if through their federal arm.

The only exception here is in the seat of Latrobe, which we’ll explain shortly.

Everywhere else

Outside of those states, our voting advice is to put the major parties, Labor and the Liberal National Coalition towards the bottom of your ballot papers – and the smaller pro-shooting parties at the top of your papers.

We also believe there are politicians from both parties that shooters should specifically vote against. They include


  1. Vote against Labor’s Jason Clare, in Blaxland which takes in Bankstown and Villawood.
  2. Vote against Liberal’s Jason Falinski in McKellar, which takes in Avalon Beach, Mona Vale and Wheeler Heights, just north of Sydney.


  1. Shooters in the seat of McPherson which takes in the area around Coolangatta and Burleigh Heads in Queensland, should vote against the Liberal’s Karen Andrews.


  1.  Generally to vote against Labor except in the seat of La Trobe,which runs from Berwick to Pakenham, where we recommend shooters put Labor ahead of the Liberal’s Jason Wood.

The reason we’re recommending shooters vote against Karen Andrews in Qld andKaren Andrews doubles down on appearance laws Jason Wood in Victoria is because they are responsible for making the National Firearms Agreement the pain in the backside that it is for shooters.

While Andrews is in a safe seat, she has consistently refused to explain why the NFA has appearance laws. 

Her response to the NSC in this story made it clear that the appearance laws are in the NFA because of three instances that involved the use of replicas. However, those instances were conduct cases that were already illegal, and one of those instances wasn’t even in Australia. Andrews and Woods have both treated shooters with contempt over several years, which is why we need shooters to vote them out.

For voters in the ACT, NT, Tas and SA don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you!  It’s just that the candidates you have seem to be better behaved which means we don’t have any specific advice other than what we say further below. 


If you have the option for voting for a pro-shooting party, then we recommend you vote for them above the major parties – and always put the Greens last.

The pro-shooting parties who will be contesting the election who we recommend are, in this order:


Remember, you can put in a postal vote, or vote early at an early voting centre.  You’ll find that information at the Australian Electoral Commission’s website.


As we get close to the Election date the NSC will highlight any individual pro shooting candidates if and as they may arise, so stay tuned.

This Federal Election will be one the most important one shooters have had over the past 30 years, so please vote wisely to make your vote really count to ensure our sports future.

Authorised L. Lowe, National Shooting Council, 15 Southern Cross Ln, Melbourne

30 thoughts on “HOW-TO-VOTE: 2022 Federal Election

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  2. Niko Tuscani says:

    The second you nominated to vote for a Labor over Liberal on any seat is the day you completely lost me. Maybe have a tiny thought about how Labor has screwed up the country and especially the economy every time they have been in power in the past. But then again maybe you’re too young to recall interest rates of 17.5%, or just don’t care ???

    • Neil Jenkins says:

      Niko, we’re here for guns, and guns only. Other matters such as managing the economy are other matters for every voter to make judgements on for themselves. We’re only here about guns – and there is no way you can seriously suggest we support Karen Andrews or Jason Wood. I’m a Liberal voter myself but I put my love of shooting before anything else, and anyone who does the opposite is, in my eyes, a traitor.
      Thanks also for your comment about me being too young to recall the rates or don’t care. Simply not true.
      In other words, get lost and enjoy the feedback that I’m sure others will give you here. Oh, and your comment about “you completely lost me” would have carried more weight if you had been a member in the first place.

    • Alex says:

      Liberals introduced the NFA you fool, don’t give a f%$# about “the economy” when in comparison to firearms rights that were striped away by your liberal cocksuckers.

      • Kev M says:

        and the ALP have had decades to remove it, but haven’t even suggested that they have any interest in doing so Alex.

    • Frank says:

      In the early 90’s I was paying my house mortgage, I was paying 17.5% it was hard but my wife and I paid it, now I welcome 17.5% because I’m retired and my investments aren’t earning anything bring on higher interest rates.

  3. Chris says:

    Yes Neil,
    your reply is correct, one battle at a time, set priorities and then go for them.
    How ever I seem to have read Nico’s comment differently, it as a general observation, but if it was meant as a personal attack then he really does need to get his head out of the sand and read what is in front of him ! Providing he IS a firearms owner at all ??

  4. Andrew says:

    Hi. I am in Jason Falinksi’s electorate. Could you please let me know how he has revealed an anti-shooting agenda? It would be very helpful if I knew this so I can inform others.

    • Neil Jenkins says:

      Hi Andrew. Jason has previously supported Jason Wood in Parliament on guns and also suggested the NFA addressed the illegal gun trade. While these comments are not at the worse end of the scale, they were still seen by us as being unfriendly. We appreciate he was probably just toeing the party line but it was enough to cause us to downgrade his rating.

    • Neil Jenkins says:

      Yes. Just ask Borsak. He pours crap on everyone else in the shooting community and we simply don’t trust him. It’s similar in Vic. That said, we have worked with the SFFP in Tas and donated to them. Happy to work with them -just not on the mainland.

      • Chas Dale says:

        Hi there ,

        I’m 58 , l’ve been shooting since l was 8, l remember in 1969, a girl in grade 2 bringing into class for show and tell some duck wings / feathers from her Dad’s recent duck hunting trip, the whole class, including the teacher, was fascinated.

        Could you imagine that happening today ? They’d call the police , some woke parent, or group of woke parents, would get ACA to turn it into the biggest CF of all time, the girl would be cancelled, so would the teacher, this is how they work.

        Division in our ranks is fatal, this is the problem with the current shooting organisations, aside the NSC

        By being a gun owner first and foremost you are putting Australia first, unlike the vast majority of our established political class.

        We must get over the left / right thing, all western democracies, so called, are trying to restrict gun owners rights, ammunition distribution, access to hunt etc. We are not alone.

        There is no place at all for privately owned guns in the march towards global facisum/totalitarian.

        This is an up and down debate , not left and right, they are up there , we are down here
        Either you believe in the right to own guns or you don’t and if you don’t then obviously you are willing to lose all your rights one after the other , for the good of society of course

        That’s not the world l want my children and one day grandchildren to inherit.

        Forget left and right, you are playing their game is you can’t shake that off.


  5. Michael says:

    Niko, you delusional old fool. Liberals always run down the country and when Labour have got back into power they get slammed for trying make good their promises. Unlike the Liberals who don’t keep their promises. If you’re not passionate about firearm owners interests then don’t comment on this platform. For the record I don’t vote Liberals or Labour unless they support our passion and stand up for better treatment. And yes I remember the 17% interest period, my savings loved that period.

  6. Tony says:

    Superb, intelligent articulation from Chas & Michael above
    Neil cannot be any clearer
    The NSC is about our Guns and our Firearm rights – thank God for this, I’ve been an SSAA member 30 plus years; without exaggeration they’ve done nothing for our collective & individual cause – pathetic in context of their scale, so damn grateful NSC Team is established and absolutely up and about 100% FOR us serious firearm owners; I reciprocate your passion Neil, Thankyou – your advice re: this critical election for us shooters is timely, based on evidence and it pays us to take any emotion out of our thought process re: the economy and the swindlers from both Left & Right such as Howard who pontificate how capable they are at running it – for once let’s unite & place our shooting interests unequivocally first, those who are against us absolutely last, it’s not hard to do, we can achieve terrific results together doing this …………….. oh and yes paid up member & Patreon supporter

  7. Carl says:

    minor indipedants are not to be trusted. the latest ploy of the greens is to field indipendants who then back the greens because of votors voting for ther indipendants first

  8. Allan Drake says:

    Shooters in the seat of Bowman Qld should remember it was the LNP that created the National gun agreement, an agreement that was forced on the states by EX PM Howard the Coward

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