Don’t let the rot in WA spread nation wide. Let’s stop it in its tracks.

THE PROBLEMS THAT SHOOTERS in Western Australia are well known.

They’ve got a police minister, Paul Papalia, who has:

  • banned gel blasters;
  • banned several calibres and firearms;
  • wants to introduce mandatory mental health checks; and
  • limit the availability of ‘property letters’ that enable shooter to go hunting.

Papalia has also brought in the highest fees in the nation ($246 to register a gun in WA, compared with $9.40 in Vic) and wants to rewrite the Firearms Acthis way. 

He’s starting to make John Howard look good.

A broken system

There’s no doubt that what is happening in WA is driven by ideology, and not any particular need or problem. It’s not run by good policy.

It’s run by a minister who has no idea about firearms and a police regulator that couldn’t care less. They won’t even listen to the local shooting organisations.

The risk is nationwide

If you’re outside WA, don’t think that this won’t spread to other states.

With the tragic shooting of police in Queensland, the tragic shooting in NSW at Yamba and the school shooting in WA, there is a real risk that changes in WA could be picked up by other states – and wind their way into the National Firearms Agreement.

Why? Because the politicians will say the NFA “is more than a quarter of a century old” and “out of date”.

The way forward

That’s why the National Shooting Council is here. We appreciate that some shooting organistions have been proactive in protecting t heir interests, but we look at the broader picture.

Importantly, we’re in a war. It’s a war we’re not winning, but it is never too late to turn things around.

We’ve shown what we do: we work tirelessly to protect the rights of shooters and going after politicians who want to do us harm.

Importantly we have a plan to turn things around for us. We’ve already written to Labor candidates contesting other state, territory and federal elections, urging them to distance themselves from their toxic WA colleagues.

We’ve also been working with the WA media to get our views across – and we’ve been helping WA shooters understand and work through this mess.

What can you do?

There’s lots you can do.

In this article we explain how you can back the NSC – but don’t forget, you also need to visit your local member of parliament to tell him or her why their party needs to change the way it engages with the shooting community.

The more shooters who do this, the more effective we will become.

The rallying call

DON’T LET WA get away with the changes to gun laws unchallenged. 

Take Action Now, not only for WA, but for the rest of the country.

By JOINING the National Shooting Council, you’ll be helping us help shooters in the west, and stop the rot from spreading to other states.

We need to put an end to this. Help us stand united so we can finally have the voice that we’ve needed for so long.

Join, Donate, sponsor

There are different ways to support the NSC.  Which way will depend on if you run a business that can sponsor us, if you are a shooter who wants to join us, or if you simply want to donate to our program. 

Whatever you do, your support is greatly appreciated – and helps us fight harder than ever before.

2 thoughts on “IT’S TIME TO ACT: Let’s fight the worst gun laws in the nation

  1. Bill Veris says:

    Being proactive on more fair gun laws is a bit like trying to raise awareness on the problems of things like mass immigration. Sadly, not enough people care about guns. They just think how bad things are in America and would not for one minute compare it to another country with lax gun laws. They won’t even talk about states like Maine which doesn’t have hardly any problems with guns despite really lax gun laws there. 10 people died in a bus a couple of nights ago in northern NSW (near Newcastle,) and yet you don’t hear about people tightening up vehicle laws or confiscating vehicles or any premier getting mad about it. The psyche of Australians have changed and it took something like covid tyranny for the average Aussie to act. A lot of those people (thankfully) are pro gun (obviously on different levels.) Of course not everyone is pro gun in the movement but some admit to how they were duped by that horrible j howard (I don’t personally want to say his full name and I deliberately put his name in lower case.)

    Sadly gun organizations are not united (as I know by reading a lot of your articles.) I feel very happy with your organization and glad I found out about you. I might know about your organization but many do not. Other gun organizations don’t do any blogs anymore, but yours is still around. But guns in Australia is still a “fringe topic” sadly. Some organizations like Great Australia Party and the Freedom Party of Victoria are pro gun, but GAP seems to be disappearing and they don’t post on Telegram anymore and Freedom Party seems to vanishing as well. With every positive about being red pilled on guns there seems to be a negative. The last positive was only a few years ago there is now 1 million gun owners out there. But the negative is WA. I did not know they were the worst state in Australia for gun laws. I would have thought it would have been Dictator Dan’s Communist Victoria which would be the worst, but that’s not the case.

    Like with Australia’s demographics and immigration policy (which will make gun laws worse) it’s sad there’s a lack of care when it comes to Australia’s gun laws.

  2. Jim Pirie says:

    “Sadly gun organizations are not united” How true Bill, I think it was someone from WA who made the comment about the turd heap syndrome, ” Shooting organizations are like turd heaps, on top of each turd heap is a little king and each little king thinks they are more important and more powerful than all the other little kings” They do not understand power comes from unity

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