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The NSC has become the most progressive and effective political organisation for Australian shooters.

We’ve done a lot for our members. We’ve exposed terrible political and regulatory practices through the media, helped shooters keep their licences and won legal actions that help all shooters.

By becoming a member you not only help us achieve these things but will receive regular updates on what we’re doing to help shooters across Australia.

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The following membership options are available for payment by credit card. Please note that by proceeding, you accept that your application to be a member of the NSC is of the support organisation and does not include membership of National Shooting Council – Australia Ltd which offers the backing, and that your application is subject to acceptance by the National Secretary. If you are interested in joining the company, please email us at

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Become a member of the NSC. Your membership goes directly to supporting the work we do.  Plus you’ll get our regular updates. Digital card is provided with your ‘welcome’ email.

Frequently asked questions

How can I pay my membership?

You can pay by credit card using the links above.  You can also pay by direct deposit to our account with the Commonwealth Bank (email us for details).

Please make sure your name or order number (which is given to you during the checkout process) is in the reference field so we can match it up at our end.

No.  This is a separate requirement that you will need to satisfy with your local registry.

At this point in time we do not issue physical membership cards – because there is nowhere to use them!  However you will find a digital membership card attached to your membership notification when you take out or renew membership.

At this stage we can not offer firearm insurance.

While we have taken legal action in some instances, we simply do not have the ability to represent everyone.

One of the main things we look for when deciding on whether we can help, is whether the matter is important for the broade shooting community.

However even if we can’t help you directly, we may still be able to give you some guidance on what you can do. If your problem relates to keeping a firearms licence for any reason (including AVOs) you might want to click here for some useful tips.