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The NSC has become the most progressive and effective political organisation for Australian shooters.

We’ve done a lot for our members. We’ve exposed terrible political and regulatory practices through the media, helped shooters keep their licences and won legal actions that help all shooters.

By becoming a member you not only help us achieve these things but will receive regular updates on what we’re doing to help shooters across Australia.

We now also offer Genuine Reason for hunters in Queensland, New South Wales (R licence), the ACT and Victoria – which helps you to keep your licence. Plus we now offer genuine reason for gun collecting in Victoria.

That means we offer membership with three options. 

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The following membership options are available for payment by credit card. Please note that by proceeding, you accept that your application to be a member is subject to acceptance by the National Secretary.

Prefer to pay offline?

If you wish to pay by direct deposit, please choose “Switch to Offline Payment” under the green “Join” button, and your membership will be ‘pending’ payment.

To make payment you can:

  • make a direct deposit to our account with the Commonwealth Bank BSB: 062-692 ACC 7728 1599
  • send us a cheque to PO Box 18018, Collins St East Vic 8003.

Our membership options

1. Regular membership

Become a member of the NSC. Your membership goes directly to supporting the work we do.  Plus you’ll get our regular updates. Digital card is provided with your ‘welcome’ email.

2. Membership with Genuine Reason (Hunting)

Regular membership with genuine reason for hunting in Queensland, NSW / ACT and Vic. Includes public liability insurance.

Also covers target shooting in Qld (only)

Please note the Vic firearm registry will not accept postal addresses. Pls use a physical address when completing the form.

This option consists of a year’s membership to the NSC, and coverage of ‘genuine reason’ in:

through the Hunters and Shooters Society of Australia.

By joining here, you are becoming a member of both the NSC (as a subscriber) and the HSSA.

When you join the HSSA you are agreeing:

  • you understand what the genuine reason is for – please click on the state that applies to you (above) for a copy of the approval;
  • you will be covered by its public liability insurance policy but only if you complete its ‘Deed of Assumption” which is the form you are filling above;
  • that the NSC will share your membership information with the HSSA to enable it to provide you with genuine reason;
  • to the rules of the HSSA, which you can download by clicking here;
  • to the privacy requirement of the HSSA to disclose your information to relevant licensing bodies, in particular, that your details must be given to Victoria Police;
  • to their policy of not providing refunds or exchanges due to a change of mind or members circumstances;
  • to uphold the good image of the HSSA and the shooting sports; and
  • that these requirements are subject to change, and are as posted on this website from time to time.

The NSC and HSSA are separate legal entities that operate independently of each other.

Please note that the ACT does not provide hunting as a genuine reason for shooters under 18.

3. Membership with Genuine Reason (gun collecting)

Regular membership with genuine reason for gun collecting in Vic.  There are additional requirements before your membership is fully active. 

Please note the Vic firearm registry will not accept postal addresses. Pls use a physical address when completing the form.

Click here to download the rules of the Historical Society of Firearms Australia by the HSSA.

The same points under the drop down item listed above (under genuine reason for hunting) apply here.

If you are already a member of the NSC and would like to add Genuine Reason, then here’s what you can do:

  1. Email us at for your discount code;
  2. Join using the discount voucher. The net cost of getting genuine reason will be $50 per year.

What happens next?

You will get confirmation of your membership with the NSC by email.

We will pass your information to the HSSA before the end of the week. Once received, the HSSA will send you a certificate of membership which you will need to keep and produce to your local regulator. The NSC will then pay the HSSA for their costs.

The option for gun collecting requires information to be provided to HSSA before you can join as a gun collector in Victoria.

The NSC will manage the renewal process.

The NSC is not responsible for conduct or liabilities of the HSSA, nor is the HSSA responsible for the conduct or liabilities of the NSC

If you have any enquiries about this, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

Frequently asked questions

How can I pay my membership?

You can pay by credit card.  You can also pay by direct deposit to:

BSB: 013 030

Please make sure your name or order number (which is given to you during the checkout process) is in the reference field so we can match it up at our end.

Both the NSC membership and the Victorian Game Hunting Licence will provide you with a Genuine Reason to own category A and B Firearms for hunting. However, with your NSC membership funds will go towards fighting for better gun laws.

A portion of your fees will go towards your $20 million-dollar public liability insurance cover, assist us in obtaining genuine reasons in other states as well as build on the genuine reasons categories and types in Victoria.

Your membership with the NSC meets the Approved Hunting Organisation (AHO) requirements for you to apply for a Restricted Game Licence in NSW. You must have a valid AHO membership to maintain your NSW Restricted Game Licence.

However, it is your NSW Restricted Game Licence which is your genuine reason in conjunction with your NSC membership.

The ACT Registry advises that it recognises the NSW R licence as satisfying recreational hunting as genuine reason in that territory.

At this point in time we do not issue physical membership cards – because there is nowhere to use them!  However you will find a digital membership card attached to your membership notification when you take out or renew membership.

At this stage we can not offer firearm insurance.

While we have taken legal action in some instances, we simply do not have the ability to represent everyone.

One of the main things we look for when deciding on whether we can help, is whether the matter is important for the broade shooting community.

However even if we can’t help you directly, we may still be able to give you some guidance on what you can do. If your problem relates to keeping a firearms licence for any reason (including AVOs) you might want to click here for some useful tips.