27 April

The NSC is recommending shooters voting in the 1 May Tasmanian State Election change their vote away from the Liberals.

This year’s election is one of the most important ones that shooters in Tasmania have had for quite a while.  Tasmania has an unfriendly firearms registry, appearance laws which are creating uncertainty, and a government that is simply not going to help shooters unless shooters start to change their vote.

The Liberal Government sent this information to a leading shooters representative about letting students undertake safe, structured clay target shooting activities – and has done nothing to move from this position:

Letter to a Tasmanian shooting club

The government has also refused to establish an advisory council or consultative committee on firearms to enable the local shooting community to have an effective way to deal with government.

With Labor not being much of an alternative for shooters, we recommend you look for one of the other options which includes other pro-gun parties such as the SFFP (various seats), Federation Party (Clark), and independents like Will Smith (Windermere).

It’s clear to us that the Liberals are not taking shooters seriously: if you have better candidates to choose from, then that’s who we recommend you vote for.

#Tasvotes #TasPol Authorised N Jenkins, National Shooting Council, Melbourne Vic

One thought on “Memo to Liberals: get your hands off school shooting activities!

  1. Philip Walter says:

    I attended Chanel College in geelong we had interschool shooting from 1967 until 1985
    Not 1 incident or accident
    Teacbing responsability and safety in a group prepares students for work and general life duties
    Shooting is the safest and most regulated sport available for students
    For those who do not play football A DANGEROUS SPORT these children even those disabled or in wheelchairs can compete taking this away by mandating SHAL NOT BE UNDERTAKEN What happened to freedom of choise to partake in a sporting activity .safley and under supervision

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