REMEMBER THE STORY about Peter, the NSW shooter who had his licence cancelled for simply showing it during a conversation at local store?

If you haven’t seen it, then you should check it out. Click here to read the story – it will open up in a new screen so you can come back to this article.

The NSC helped Peter through the process of making submissions to NSW Police to have his licence returned. His first submission against the suspension of his licence was ignored, and it would now seem his second submission has been as well.

NSC files at NCAT

While it is possible NSW Police may still be considering the matter, they have failed to return his licence within the required timeframe so we’ve filed the matter at NCAT.

It’s early days so we’ll just need to wait for the directions hearings, but we’re going in hard because the NSW Police still have given no reason for the licence cancellation, other than the fact someone who doesn’t like shooting as a sport overheard a conversation about the sport.

In other words, this isn’t just about a fight over a licence, it’s a fight over ‘fair process’ – and especially the rights that shooters have at law. It will cut deep into the policy that NSW Police have – or don’t have – when dealing with licence issues.

So we’re not using just one barrister on this, but two.

We’ll keep you posted.

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13 thoughts on “NSC files over nosey Norco worker

  1. Dezi+B+Freeman says:

    Awesome work guys. My Cat H, A & B licenses have now been suspended for 9 months for no good reason with no way forward. This is one way they are doing the gun grab… unlawful bully tactics on one person at a time.

    • Rodney-Charles: Pearce says:

      If you are the man I am thinking of, it will be obvious why they are refusing you your fiereams licences. Take it to them, don’t let them off the hook.

  2. Lawrence Lyons says:

    Trends and Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice no. 387, Australian Institute of Criminology:
    Public confidence is fundamental to the operation of the criminal justice system. The system depends on the participation of victims and members of the public who participate as witnesses and jurors. Low levels of public confidence also lead to disrespect and dissatisfaction with those responsible for administering the system. The political debate surrounding dissatisfaction has become well established over the past decade. | Confidence in the police and justice system has reached an all time low. Case in point, rape convictions NSW, for every ten people charged with rape, nine will walk. However, if a woman deters a would-be rapist who has forced there way into her home with an unload, unregistered firearm she will be convicted and her would-be if not otherwise deterred rapist may face a minor charge. Comparatively speaking, criminals now have the upper hand.

  3. Keith H. Burgess says:

    A lot of people seem to be missing the point here, think about the government orchestrated killings at Port Arthur, think about the confiscations, think about the bans, think about classing toy gel guns as dangerous firearms, think about the government’s anti-self defence laws, now think about this license confiscation.
    Within the next three decades, many scientists believe that society is going to collapse due to climate change if we continue to burn fossil fuels, which the world will do! There is also a belief that government ministers are not that stupid, & that the rich plan to rule over a dystopian world.
    Regardless, we are going to NEED our firearms, & the government is slowly whittling away at our freedoms, our rights, & our firearms ownership. The wedge is well & truly in the door!!!

  4. Andy Aitchison says:

    Last night Andrew Bolt was talking to Peter Dutton who stated that our Defense Force couldn’t cope if we were attacked by China. (Yes he named the country) He also stated that Australians basically would not how to, or be able to defend the country. I wonder whose fault that is, the Left Wing Loonies?
    Bit of a difference to my Dad & Grandad’s era. In school in the 60’s in the Cadets we were taught to, and used machine guns. I could still strip a Bren I think after 50 years. Heaven help us with the muppets today?

    • Eddie says:

      Our diggers were natural born cavalry warriors in effect. They had excellent horsemanship skills and hunting skills( My example Billy Sing from Clermont Qld). A lot of youth of today are digitables..Vegetables connected to every digital device conceivable and useless in nearly every other sense of the word. When China does invade, we will have no hope whatever. Their miltary would be bigger than our entire population.
      Thanks again NSC for supporting us.

  5. Alfie says:

    Local store..
    I offered the ‘SSAA womens shooters’ supplement to a staff member at a fav coffe shop where i am a regular. She picked it up by a tip of a corner and dropped it in the bin. I did not return to that premises for a long time because with such rudeness and attitude integral to her being and given the closeness of contact in a coffee shop I could not risk her accusing me..with “He touched me!”.
    Staff must have noticed my absence as i am a regular.
    When i next returned this one was all over me with faux politeness.
    Fortunately she left soon after not to return.
    SSAA had no comment when i lettered them about this.

  6. James Lawson says:

    This is the way they will go. We cant band together to fight them as like others have said they pick you off 1 at a time. That way there is No resistance. About all you can do is become a criminal and loose a weapon. So you have a back up plan for when the spit hits the fan. And its looking very likely. The usa is having the same issues with their jeriatric potus threatening to Nuke law abiding shooters and firearm owners.

  7. jack says:

    We have been told some time ago ,the Lithgow Firearms Facility is mothballed ,and can be operational in 3 days ,HOW ?? Where would competent Armorers be sourced from ,? All the SLRs were sold to
    Indonesia ,and a large number sold to BHP @ $5 each ,for scrap .This is why history always repeats itself
    Fools never learn from past events .We were not prepared for the First or Second World War either .

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