THE NSC HAS launched a new legal action in WA on a shooters right to have access to a calibre required to do pest eradication.

This is the second matter the NSC is sponsoring on calibres, which is in addition to the three other current matters it has going on reclassification out West.  In all we’ve filed nine matters out west, with five current, and WAPol yet to win any of them.

In this latest matter, the shooter, Greg, was denied a licence for a 300 PRC on grounds that are similar to those that led to the filing of the other calibre issue we’re running, which was for a 300 Win Mag. That case was started by another shooter, but we are supporting through our legal team.

Again, WAPol are arguing that the shooter does not need the calibre, so we’re going to argue that they are mistaken.

The first directions hearing is scheduled for 21 May – just a couple of weeks away.

300 PRC v 300 Win Mag

For shooters not familiar with these calibres, they are not the same.  The Win Mag has less recoil and rifle weight, while the PRC uses more energy on bigger game and is better for extended ranges.

Support the fight: keep your licence!

The NSC continues to lead the way in launching legal fights to make important political points to the major parties that they cannot treat shooters in this way. 

Not only can you support this by becoming a member, but the NSC now offers ‘genuine reason’ for hunting in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales – and we’re working to expand that to other states and disciplines.

Joining is simple and at $85 a year, costs less than other organisations who offer ‘genuine reason’ and none of the legal stuff – simply click here for more information.

4 thoughts on “NSC files second calibre case in WA

  1. Anthony says:

    Good news about “genuine reason “, pity I paid my ssaa subscription just before I found out about it.
    I am really impressed with all the other legal work you’re engaged in, more power to your arm NSC, thank you.

  2. Michael says:

    It seemed only yesterday when it was made hard for WA shooters to get anything over 300 calibre (0.308”, 30/06, etc.) – needing to justify why they need & have the specialised training for something in the uniquely WA invention of a Very Powerful Rifle (“VPR”). Now with policy creep we are seeing the bar be more even more restrictive coming down to include 300 – even with these current cases where there’s an occupational need.

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