The first directions hearings in the three actions the NSC recently filed in WA are about to start. Plus we’re getting ready to file two new actions in Tasmania.

Western Australia

The first hearings in the NSC’s three new actions in the WA SAT to fight the reclassification of firearms in that state will take place today (Friday 5 March 2021).    These will be ‘directions hearings’ which are usually preliminary hearings around how the matter is likely to proceed.  We anticipate that the WA Police will once again argue that the SAT has no jurisdiction, but we’ve beaten them on this before and we’ll beat them again.

Regular readers may recall the fight launched by another shooter, “M”,  that the NSC helped with. M recently won his case to keep his Desert Tech SRS rifle, but the WA Police are yet to issue him with his licence to keep the firearm and return his rifle to him despite agreeing to do so nearly 4 weeks ago.  This is an example of the arrogance WAPOL appear to have for the law and State Administrative Appeals Tribunal, so we’re getting ready to gear up again on that matter as well!


Tassy is quickly becoming the new fighting ground over reclassification. It is a bit more awkward to file appeals there because Tasmanian firearm/firearm licence appeals aren’t heard in a State Appeals Tribunal, but rather they need to go to the Magistrates Court.  This is a more expensive process but  the NSC has two new matters that it is now likely to file soon – possibly as soon as next week.

We had several discussions with the NSC’s barrister and are confident about our ability to run a strong case and have the Tasmanian registry’s rulings overturned.

In a further example of the contempt TasPol has towards shooters, the registry has decided if you get knocked back for a permit to acquire in Tasmania the registry is of the view that you aren’t entitled to know why, despite the Tasmanian Firearm Act clearly stating otherwise!

We’re happy for the courts to decide on that – and hopefully add to our tally of great outcomes.

Supporting the NSC’s fight against the “reclassification” laws that are being used against us is now critical.

If you’re not a member already and want to support you actions, make sure you join and donate where possible.

2 thoughts on “NSC keeps pressure up on reclassification

  1. John Clinch says:

    Keep up the good work NSC.

    Does the NSC have any thoughts about taking the fight on regarding suppressors for every day OHS/WHS?

    Ear plugs only work so far. And I am sure if be able to take hearing loss Acton against the pen pushers.

    Leave the suppressor category, just make it that a PTA is required making all the suppressors trackable by registration


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