In this story, the NSC:

  • retains the services of a second Barrister for legal actions it is taking and to help shooters in trouble; and
  • publishes a new page on its website to help shooters who have had their licences suspended or cancelled.

The NSC has made two changes to help shooters fight bad gun laws and the way they are administered.

NSC hires a second barrister

The NSC currently has 9 major legal actions Australia wide and several more on their way, mostly on firearm reclassifications, licence suspensions and bad administration by our regulators – all of which our barristers have helped with.

The addition of the second barrister to our team means the NSC will be able to run more legal actions and help even more members get their licences issued or reinstated.

New webpage to help shooters on licence problems

The second key change is the creation of a new page on our website dedicated to letting shooters know how to fight licence suspensions and cancellations. 

While we cannot help every shooter directly, there are things that shooters who find themselves in that situation can do to help themselves.

The page can be accessed by clicking here. The page also provides advice on what you should do with your firearms while your licence problem is sorted out.

If you have a problem with your licence, take the time to read up on our website and whilst it can feel daunting, know that help for our members is not far away.

If you aren’t a NSC member, then click here to join and support the organisation that supports your sport.

4 thoughts on “NSC ramps up legal strategy and provides more help for shooters

  1. Ken R says:


    Damned good advice.

    Kol Tuv,

    Ken R
    Disabled By Service Incurred Injuries
    Former International Civil Servant
    Association Internationale de Police L/13453 / HGH Servo per Amikeco

  2. Anthony says:

    The NSC has got to be the most needed, most relevant, and most helpful shooting organisation in existence.
    I am glad to be a member.

  3. Lawrence Lyons says:

    The human right of the security of person, acts or omissions by the State; and
    the lawful right of self-defense, acts or omissions by an individual are different but related concepts. When Australia signed the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) under Article 6 what is protected is “physical liberty” and “physical security.” When the police disarm a farmer who has a lawful right of self defence because he was in possession of a firearm for pest control used as a deterrent against a knife attempting to enter the family home, it is reasonable to say that they (the State) have diminished the physical security of a farmer and his family. Dunstan incident and those of a like kind.

  4. Mike Woods says:

    The NSC is the best thing happening for Australian Firearms owners since sliced bread!
    Well done NSC and a big thank you!

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