NOVEMBER 26: Your chance to VOTE for change

VICTORIAN PREMIER, Dan Andrews, has overseen a government that has done incredible damage to the shooting sports – and there is more in store. 

With a state election in November, this is the chance for Victorian shooters to send a message that they deserve better – and need change.

In this article, we explain what can be done, and show shooters how they can get the voting information they will need. Make sure you share this with your mates, so they can do the same.


Labor's scorecard

ON THE PLUS SIDE, Labor has continued some small funding commitments, such as the Shooting Sports Facilities Program (started by a previous Liberal Government).  

ON THE NEGATIVE SIDE, Labor has continued taking chunks out our backsides with more gun laws and taken other actions that are designed to create longer term pain for us. It’s a vindictive fight on their part. Here’s what they’ve done:

  • GUN SHOP CLOSURES: Labor closed gun shops when COVID started on a bogus claim of a National Decision of Cabinet. It took legal action by us, and getting the story on the front pages of several newspapers, to get them re-opened;
  • MORE GUN LAWS: Last year, Labor passed new gun laws that are forcing shooters to change the safes they have. The laws also make it easier for police to take firearm licences off shooters for small offences such as speeding;
  • HUNTING: Labor has shortened our duck seasons and will ban it if re-elected. Then they will go after deer and other forms of hunting. The impact this will have on shooting, the shooting industry, and the Victorian economy would be significant;

Former Police Minister, Lisa Neville, with her release before being caught out by journos lying about the ‘National Cabinet’ decision.

  • 2026 COMMONWEALTH GAMES: Labor has so far left shooting off the list of sports for the next Commonwealth Games which will be held in Victoria for purely political reasons;
  • RANGE CLOSURES: We know of at least three large ranges around Victoria that will close, and four others who are having significant lease problems. With our support, they wrote to Labor’s Sports Minister for help, but she has done nothing. What good then, is the funding program to upgrade ranges if we lose ranges?

The opposition

Unfortunately the Victorian opposition doesn’t seem to be any better.

They voted with the government on anti-firearm matters. To be fair, some of their Parliamentary representatives have echoed our concerns and we do appreciate their views but they will need to bat a lot harder before we can be happy that they are on our side.

That can make making voting recommendations difficult, but we do have a way to deal with that.

Where are their pro-shooting policies?

So far neither side of politics has released any pro-shooting policies. 

This is a contrast with the 2000s when both major parties released pro-shooting policies at successive elections.

Here’s a couple of examples.

Unfortunately these stopped a little while ago, but they show what can be done.  We’ve been encouraging them to do the same – but with a much stronger pro-shooting focus than you see here. We’re still working on this so will let you know if they do..

Are we doomed?

Not if we fight back…

The greatest motivation a politician has is to keep his or her seat.  If they think they could lose their seat over an issue, then watch how quickly they’ll change their mind on it if they think people will change their votes on it.

That’s where you come in – and why your vote is more important than you might think.

We can’t change government, we can get the results we need by going after politicians who hurt the shooting sports – and help those who are good for the shooting sports.

That’s why we’ll be working up voting advice for shooters, so that we can change the way the government (Labor or Liberal) treats shooters.

Tell Your Mates!

Tell your mates they need to follow the NSC so they get the information they need before voting.

Simply forward this article to them, and suggest they jump on our email list
by clicking here.

That way, even if Labor gets returned, we’ll at least have politicians know that if they step out of line again, we’ll keep going after them. It’s how politics works.

By supporting the NSC, you’ll be supporting a long term plan to change what our politicians do.

How can I support the NSC?

Don’t forget, you can donate to our campaign – simply click here to find out more.

When will the NSC's voting advice come out?

A lot needs to happen between now and the election. The parties will start to scramble to release policies and we’re waiting to see if they will do the same for shooters. 

That’s why we’re putting pressure on them now.  We’re also putting out questionnaires to those we’re likely to target and will probably run more later on.  We also need to see which parties are running candidates and where and where their preferences go

Our voting advice will come out in early November, in time for postal and early voting. 

12 thoughts on “NSC kicks off Victorian State Election campaign

    • Frank ennis says:

      It would be great to have a template that can be taken to the polling booth with the exact boxes to tick and in what number for every seat. So confusing for some/ me

      • David M says:

        Put the sitting member last if you’re not happy with them, then put the radicals who don’t have a hope above them, then work your way up from there.

        At least one party uses predictions as to how an electorate will vote, and only if voting is out of range do they pay attention to its concerns (otherwise, so what?). That way you rock the apple cart – and overthrow it.

        Of course if there’s a canditate you do like, put them first.

    • Neil Jenkins says:

      Hi Chris. Thanks for that. She’s federal (even though a senator for Vic) so it’s not her turn yet. We’re definately aware of her pro-shooting position and look forward to engaging with her again when the time comes. Ta Neil

  1. Bruce says:

    Consider the Liberal Democrats – the only truly Liberterian party. Very friendly to us, and the Previous Federal Senator for the Lib Dems (David Leyonhjelm) even wrote a book called Gun Control. The Lib Dems are true supporters of our rights and the only supporting political party that is not a ‘one issue’ party.

  2. Greg Fenech says:

    I most defiantly will continue my support for NSC. The most proactive organization shooters and hunters have in our corner.

  3. Bill says:

    It’s shocking what you shooters have to put up with. I sadly think when a society becomes more advanced, strict, draconian things start to occur. I wish the “freedom movement” would stand up for gun owners! I don’t really know anyone who does. I think it’s “out of sight, out of mind.” There’s a million gun owners out there and should vote accordingly! A strong united voice!

  4. Bill says:

    Draconian Victorian gun laws gun spread to other states. That’s what always concerns me. It should be obvious to gun owners. Just like that emergency “well being” pandemic legislation that was passed last year spread to other states like Queensland!
    Gun owners deserve better!


    Its a political maze out there when it comes to guns. Shooters are good folks that love our sport and enjoy the outdoors with friends. Donate what you can afford to NSC to make you voice, opinion heard to politicians. To say the least l would like to see the SSAA push against more rule changes that just makes life harder for shooters in Victoria.
    Thankyou NSC.

  6. Philip Walter says:

    We all know that the Australian shooter is the most safery conscious and regulated sports enthusiast we are the safest sport to participate in we have the least some of the greatest ambassadors in our Olympic teams and this is the only time we get the recognition that is deserved It is time we stopped being our own worst enemy its time every organisation sent a representative Enmass as one unit to canberra to represent all shooters Its time to put it on the line or we will loose all our shooting Hunting and then the 4x4s will be next our government doesnt care about us now because we are arguing amongst ourselves GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER GUYS or your sport is doomed

    • David M says:

      Well, people here in NSW who opposed banning guns were called mentally ill. Questions: what were the numbers imprisoned in the psychiatric wards, year by year, from 1980 onwards? Was there an increase in 1987 onwards? What’s the life expectancy? By year of incaceration. I was told people were dead in as little as two weeks.

      I’ve met two women who, as young girls, stood up in university in Sydney against banning guns and were raped. I heard talk of “They lost the protection of Jesus” for not supporting banning guns.

      Years later I heard female law students were raped if they objected to the claim there’s no Magna Carta or Bill of Right of 1689 in this country.

      Yours truely had a letter to the editior published in a local paper, the ‘Hills News’ in Sydney, pointing out Christ promoted weapons ownership. The paper is now closed and ‘multiculturalism’ became ‘conservative’ policy. It’s divide and rule, nothing more.

      “A house divided will surely fall”. There’s a war just around the corner and the establishment don’t know what to do. I was sounded out if I would be reconcilled to what they’ve done. No. They can burn in hell.

      When China slams into Taiwan the Chinese flag waving crowds will gather in the capital cities. They don’t have guns but are martial arts experts. Thugs like VicPol who suppressed dissidents to banning guns, multiculturalism, globalisation, free trade, deregulation, mask and jab mandates will get what they deserve (remember: in China there are few insults worse than gweilo (white skin) and what roughly translates as ‘nu left’ or ‘white left’ (white idiots who believe socialism will benefit them).

      Don’t assist.

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