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  • The NSC sends flyers to 26,000 households in the Baulkham Hills (NSW) area to highlight the problems with the firearms registry that their local MP is ultimately responsible for overseeing
  • This is the first distribution of flyers which will be used in the lead up to state, territory and federal elections.

THE NSC IS RAMPING UP its fight against the poor treatment of shooters by targetting the electorate of NSW Police Minister, David Elliott, with a letterbox drop covering every household.

Over this next week, 55,000 voters in 26,000 households will receive the flyer you see below which points to the woeful oversight of the NSW firearms registry – and challenges the Minister to improve the way his government treats shooters.

It’s about respect – and it’s time the minister got the message.

Here’s what has gone out:

Governments can’t afford to ignore shooters

We’re doing this because NSW’s Police Minister, David Elliott, has repeatedly ignored the needs of shooters, who have been targetted by the state’s firearm registry. 

He ignored two high profile incidents where shooters had their licences suspended or cancelled for dubious reasons, ignored our calls to meet with him, and ignored some real opportunities to make the state’s gun laws work better.

So we decided to raise the stakes. 

It’s an expensive and challenging exercise, but fighting this at a political level – in the electorates of those who need to change their attitudes – is not only necessary, but the best way we can fight to change how our governments deal with us.

Expect more at elections and in other states

Baulkham Hills is a safe Liberal seat.

However, the use of letterbox deliveries in more marginal seats at elections – including the 2023 NSW State Election – is something we’ve been working for a while because it is one of the most direct ways we can engage in the political process to get the attention that shooters deserve.

We’ve also identified other MPs we intend to target. 

These include Victorian MPs who need to pay the price for the announcement over this year’s truncated duck season, a federal MP for his support over the decision to target straight-pull shotguns, and others we have in mind when their state and territorial elections roll around.

That’s just one more thing that the NSC is putting your membership fee to – and why all shooters need to get behind us.

7 thoughts on “NSC targets NSW Police Minister’s electorate

  1. Brian Sayers says:

    The laws appear to be tightening by stealth and law abiding citizen’s legal rights being abused. These legislative bullies need to be challenged, and it appears that only two Organisations are standing up to the Registries creepy actions. Congratulations National Shooters Council, and the Shooters Union!

    • cohenite says:

      Correct. In addition too many so-called conservative politicians reveal themselves to be really left wing or against conservative values.

  2. David M says:


    I used to live in the Hills District and I’ve long held disquiet about the Mutt language that’s infiltrated gun clubs since 1996: the use of the term “law abiding” as opposed to “legal”, “shooters” instead of “firearms owners” and I think I’ve heard a few others. That and the dash “-” should never be at the end of a line.

    I don’t need to be there currently to know these comments have been made.

    It may seem like little things but it’s like guerilla warfare: the guerilla always hides behind and blends into the civilian population. They are the minority, but I don’t need to tell this audience about the level of hate you are regarded with.

  3. grandad says:

    your NSW leaflet drop was well done.
    thank you on behalf of WA shooters as well. It is a huge groundswell.

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