The NSC has had its response to claims about the National Firearms Agreement made in several News Corp publications, published in some of them.

Last month, several News Corp papers ran articles supporting the views of people who claim to be gun control researchers, that the states and territories had been dragging their feet on fully implementing the NFA.

The claims included claims that silencers were freely available, that juniors under 18 were allowed to obtain firearm licences and that the mandatory 28 day cooling off period for the issuing of permits to acquire is not being applied to all firearm purchases.

… but who the heck are these people? What would they know about guns?

In response, the National Shooting Council had an opinion piece published in the Herald Sun (Melbourne) which you can see here.

We then had discussions with several other News corp editors and also the Network Head of News.

The end result is that the same opinion article has been published in the Courier Mail (Brisbane), Daily Telegraph (Sydney) and was also picked up in Perth Now. The article is identical so we’re not going to publish them all here, but the good thing is that they appeared as written.

We have not yet been able to get it into other publications but the fact we have been able to cover the biggest markets is, in our view, a great result.

It follows our win last year in having front page coverage in four states of the ‘fake National Cabinet’ lie through the Fairfax Publications.

It’ll be quite a while before the media stops publishing anti-gun stories ‘without question’. However, we’re confident that by cementing our presence on their news desks, that it’ll give us a far better chance of being able to do that, than we’ve seen in the past.

8 thoughts on “NSC’s response to NFA claims published in four major outlets

  1. Michael Mazur says:

    Good article. We need also advance any politician who is prepared to advocate in parliament – state or federal, that the law needs to incorporate the 1791 amendment to the US Constitution. “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”
    Only in this way can Australia ensure its defence from China and Indonesia collaborating to invade Australia, as the street battles with 2,000,000 Australians armed with assault rifles would defeat them.

    • ALAN BENTHAM says:

      Please do not use the word assault when referring to a firearm. This does give people the wrong impression, and an excuse to criticise.

      • Daryl says:

        The type of person who will use things like that as an excuse to criticise has already made up their mind to do so, regardless of any wording or terms used.

  2. Frank Grimaldi says:

    Would you invade a country with the potential of an A-15 behind a window in 2,000,000 houses? Mmmmm a bit risky.

    • Argus Tuft says:

      Sadly, trite comments such as this one play straight into the “redneck” image of all gun folk that’s being propagated by the anti gun brigade. Not all of us are.

  3. Philip walter says:

    The sheer fact that these articles have been picked up And published is a great start Now rhw main gun magazinez nwwd to put them on the front cover well done guys
    Looking doward to seeing more

  4. John says:

    Why on earth would we want to ‘water down’ laws such that we create more problems? Logical fallacy. We suffer if the laws are deficient, they don’t. It’s amazing how many people don’t understand this.

  5. Paul Osborne says:

    I would expect nothing less from the NSC. They are so far ahead in representing shooters it not funny. One day the self fullfilling major players will swallow their ego’s and join the NSC……..I hope.

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