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We’ll release new episodes at least monthly, aiming for this to be fortnightly. 

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Patreon is like YouTube, except that viewers pay a subscription from $1 month.  There are other options for $5 or $20 a month called “tiers”.  This helps us pay to produce the content we deliver.

We know people don’t like paying for content – who does?

However, we’ve done this because we want to grow this to provide more and better video content to shooters on the topics that concern them the most. 

We’ve developed subscriptions, including for:

  • individuals for $1 a month, $5 a month and $20 a month; and
  • corporate sponsors, subscriptions which include full Bronze, Silver and Gold sponsorships!  

NSCTV is new.  Brand new.

Our first episode is out with new episodes coming out at least monthly at the start, and then weekly as soon as possible. 

Our aim is to move to then move to regular livestreams, covering everything political that matters to shooters.

The default view on Patreon is to see three tiers, but we have six.

It’s just that they are sorted in ascending order, from $1.

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