NSC helps voters in the Police Minister's electorate of Baulkham Hills know about problems with the NSW gun registry

The NSC is known for being creative in finding new and better ways to represent shooters. Our latest effort has been doing a pro-shooting mailout across the Police Minister’s electorate because of problems with the NSW gun registry.

The great news is that this went better than expected.

Letterbox drop in Police Minister’s electorate

IN ADDITION TO our advocacy, legal actions and election campaigns, the NSC recently did a letterbox drop across the electorate of NSW Police Minister, David Elliott, to raise awareness of the mess in the firearms registry that he is ultimately responsible for.   

The main problem with the NSW gun registry is attitude, especially in relation to the suspension or cancellation of shooters licences. The most recent case is that of Peter Martin, who had his firearms licence cancelled for simply showing it to someone else during a cordial conversation.

Elliott is responsible for this – and for fixing the mess that occurred under his watch.

The NSC has been considering doing other mailouts in other states. However things deteriorated in NSW to the point where we decided to run with this idea in the minster’s electorate first.   We had no idea how it would go.

Voters express concerns about NSW gun registry

The flyer we developed – which you can see by clicking here – went to 26,000 households.  It was an expensive exercise that, at first, sounded like it fell flat.  However as days passed, we started to get more and more responses.

This was encouraging because while the flyer was about raising awareness (rather than promoting the NSC), we seem to have hit a chord with the electorate. That’s because we have only just now cleared our inbox and voicemail box of messages.

Among those who contacted the NSC were members of the community who are not pro-gun, but were already concerned about the way their local member has been performing. They became even more concerned when they read about the problems with the firearms portfolio. 

The other benefit that came from it is that is has opened the doors to others in the shooting industry in NSW, who we will have ongoing discussions with.

Sure, there were some antis who criticised us for what we did – maybe 20 or so – but that’s a small number which we can easily ignore. 

Most of the other messages came from non-shooters who would be considered ‘neutral’.

This means this mailout probably achieved what we had hoped to do.  It means ‘job done’!

Looking forward to covering other electorates

We’re counting this as a successful exercise. Perhaps it did not pay for itself straight away (that was not the intent) but the benefits are likely to be long-term.

You can expect the NSC to conduct more mailouts in the lead up to state and federal elections. We hope that as we grow, we will eventually cover all electorates.

Thank you to everyone who supported us on this. We’re continuing to do new things for shooters to find out new ways to get better and better results for us.

8 thoughts on “NSW gun registry problems concern voters in Police Minister’s electorate

    • David M says:

      Arrogant indifferent cad”. He’s encouraged to be. For the past several years a doctrine has been going around the coalition that ‘all facets of society are political decisions’.

      Note the general public, including voters, are not part of that equation. Nor is Rule Of Law. It means decisions are made by those who stroke their egos. They don’t bother getting elected.

      The NSC has found the equation with this.

  1. Paul+Osborne says:

    Well done NSC. This will work with other cabinet members. It is perfect for getting the public to see the other side of Govn and anti-gun media releases.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. cohenite says:

    Outstanding work. There is nothing worse then a so-called conservative politician who is anything but conservative. Elliott appears to be one of those.

  3. Tim says:

    Great initiative and looks to have generated good results.
    One point of constructive critisism, if I may.
    ” But that’s a small number we can easily ignore ”
    Isn’t that a bit like givernment saying there’s only a small number of shooters so we can easily ignore them?
    You don’t really need to engage with those who already agree. It could be worth a little effort trying to with those who don’t.

    • David M says:

      ” But that’s a small number we can easily ignore ”. I would be more pointed: ‘That small number we can easily ignore.’ The number of people who want to ban guns is actually quite small. They are funded, by graduating university/being welcome in connected groups they are well placed, or they are on benefits and have time on their hands (some people boast they run eight twitter accounts), and driven by hate.

      Tactics like this, collating the replies and deciding what to do with the results (the NSC shouldn’t ignore its mission) means they lose their grip.

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