Do you live in NSW? IT's time to vote!

SHOOTERS IN NSW are about to vote at this month’s NSW State Election.

We reviewed the candidates, their parties and policies and offer this advice for shooters in NSW who are looking for information on who to vote for to support the shooting sports. 

The challenge

The main problems being faced by shooters in NSW are similar to those in other states.

The main issue we see in NSW is the firearms registry which has gone after shooters who have done nothing wrong.

We recently revealed how it was giving shooters who had served in the military or police from obtaining firearm licences, and even giving shooters in wheelchairs a hard time by claiming they could not store guns properly.  None of those claims were correct.

We normally see this under Labor Governments – but this time it is under a coalition Government. In fact, it is happening under a National Party Police Minister.

Vote pro-gun

We recommend shooters vote for the Liberal Democrats, as the most effective pro-shooting option

We suggest that after the Liberal Democrats, you put the other pro-gun candidates ahead of the majors and the Greens and Animal Justice Parties last.

If you have no other options, we have no specific advice on whether you should put Labor ahead of the Coalition or vice versa.

However you might recall we recently challenged Labor candidates in NSW to disown the policies their WA colleagues were pushing, but they will not do that. This is something you might like to keep in mind if you manage to catch up with your local Labor candidate.

The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party in NSW won three lower house seats at the last state election.  However all three MPs resigned because of the behaviour of their party leader, Rob Borsak (pictured left).

Simply put, the SFFP is not worth supporting under its current management.

The other thing you need to be aware of is that the SFFP has, in recent years, become a close ally of the Australian Labor Party – which means a vote for the SFFP is a vote for Labor which will not disown anti-gun policies. 

Lower house recommendations

WAGGA WAGGA:  We do recommend Dr Joe McGirr. He’s an independent.  While Joe is not a shooter, he does support many other things that shooters stand for and also wants to see more appeal rights for shooters.   He is running against a National Party MP – but as we said, the Nats have not been standing up for shooters in NSW.

ORANGE: This is held by independent Phil Donato. Phil was one of the SFFP MPs who left the party, but we think he’s a good MP worthy of support.

In all other seats, check to see who your local candidates are. We recommend you put the pro-gun candidates first, then the majors and then the Greens and Animal Justice Party last.

In the upper house

Our recommendation in the upper house is, to vote for the LDP (Liberal Democrats) first because of their policies and willingness to stand up.  We then recommend One Nation then the other pro-gun parties before the major parties.

Remember to follow the instructions on the ballot paper to make sure you have voted properly – otherwise your vote may not count!

… and remember to put the Greens & Animal Justice Party last

Where and when to vote

The NSW Electoral Commission’s website has a lot of useful information to help you find out when and where to vote.

  • Early voting: Early voting starts on 18 March. For information on early voting, simply click here
  • Check your enroment: To check your details, click here.
  • Where: To find your nearest voting centre, click here

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