Shooters in NSW: Take action now!

In this article, we’re asking NSW shooters to put pressure on Labor candidates contesting next month’s state election to distance themselves from their WA colleagues – or risk losing your vote.

NSW shooters go to the polls on 25 March – with postal and early voting being an option for them to vote sooner

AS MANY OF YOU WILL HAVE SEEN, shooters in WA are having a horrendous time with new policies that the Labor government there have brought into place. WA shooters have fewer guns available under categories A and B, expensive permits to transfer firearms ($256), and a registry that won’t recognise interstate licences. 

Now shooters in WA are being lined up for mandatory regular mental health checks – and have just found out that the government is banning many of the larger calibres that they use.  This is a cancer that could easily find its way to other states. 

It’s a regime that NSW shooters cannot afford to have!

Can you trust NSW Labor to do the same?

No. In fact NSW Labor has gone quiet on gun laws hoping we wouldn’t notice.

We’d like to make sure stuff like this does NOT happen under Labor in NSW. We need NSW Labor to go in the opposite direction – and help shooters.

If you're voting at the NSW election - here's what *** you need to do now ***

We need shooters in NSW to send emails to Labor MPs and candidates to warn them against supporting policies like those in WA – and to signal why doing this will cost them votes. 

That is not to say vote for the coalition: to the contrary, if you can find a small pro-gun party to vote for, then that will be our first choice.

Tell every NSW Labor candidate why WA is a problem for them

We’re suggesting you make your voice heard by ALL Labor candidates by emailing THEM ALL about your concerns.

We’re also suggesting you include the WA Police Minister, Paul Papalia, so he can see how unpopular his policies are.

You can download the list of MPs and candidates by clicking here and use the text to the right. (Unfortunately we are unable to create a link to automatically generate the email for you.)

How to vote at the NSW state election

We will be releasing our How to Vote advice for NSW shooters in mid-March. The best way to make sure you get our advice is to be on our email list – which you can join by clicking here.

SUBJECT: Why its hard to trust Labor on gun laws in NSW

Dear Labor candidate

You may not be aware, but Western Australian has the worst gun laws in the nation.  Part of the reason why is that WA government dumped key aspects of the National Firearms Agreement several years ago.

The most significant problem is that WA no longer relies on the system of firearm categories that other states have and is instead banning specific calibres and guns on an ad hoc basis.

It’s a system that is unstructured and leads to uncertainty about what guns are and are not allowed to be used in WA. 

In fact WA continues to move further away from the NFA by not having permits to acquire firearms (as is the case in every other state), refusing to recognise interstate licences, and requiring hunters to have ‘individual property letters’ to enable them to go hunting. WA even uses paper licences and only last year, published the locations of where privately held firearms are stored (which, I am sure you will appreciate, is a significant safety problem).

Earlier this month, the WA Government announced the introduction of regular mandatory mental health checks for every shooter, including when they renew their licences. Again, there has been no justification for this – and is alienating the entire WA shooting community in what is clearly a ‘doubling down’ on its failure to keep its gun laws in line with other states.

WA’s policies and approach to guns must be rejected for NSW.

The problem this creates for you is that WA is managed by a Labor Government, and NSW Labor is asking the electorate to trust it at the NSW State Election. 

Late last year, the National Shooting Council (NSC) sought to engage with your party about its concerns in the lead up to the election.  However, it failed to respond.

As a result, the NSC is advising shooters in NSW to not trust any Labor candidate at this election. You can blame your WA colleague, Paul Papalia, for that!

If you can convince your head office that there is political value in working with the NSC to commit Labor to policies that support shooters while also delivering on good public safety outcomes – and reject the approach used in WA –  then that would certainly help. If you have any comments or questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact the NSC at

Thank you

NSW shooters deserve better representation

NSW SHOOTERS HAVE BEEN LET DOWN by regulators – and some of their own who purported to represent them in Parliament.

We’re different.  We lobby, we run legal cases, and we provide important voting advice for shooters.  We’ve had some great wins along the way, and are working on strategies that will change how shooters have been represented to date,

NSW shooters deserve better.  By joining the NSC, you’ll be backing the organisation that has already had some big wins in NSW – and will continue to have more through this year alone.

.. but DON’T FORGET to send the email to NSW Labor candidates about the risk of following their WA colleagues. Do it now!

4 thoughts on “NSW STATE ELECTION: Let Labor know that WA will cost them votes

  1. Gavin Walker says:

    The time has come for every law abiding firearms owner in Australia to say enough is enough. No shooter should vote labour. state or federal, full stop. if it walks like a duck, quaks like a duck, it’s a duck.

  2. John Cafarella says:

    Like with all Elections, we are promised many thing from candidates, just so they can win their seats, but in the end, they just follow the Party Line like sheep. It is time to fight back and to Regain our voice by choosing to Join and Promote the Party that fights for our Sport/Firearm Ownership. The Shooters Fishers and Farming Party. All our foes are using their voice against us, by voting for their parties of, The Greens, Animal First etc.
    We need to make sure that our voice is heard by the big Parties, and then they will have to do deals with our Party to get Policies through the Senate. Think about how you want your vote to count, by choosing someone who will fight for You!!!

  3. Bill Veris says:

    Remember to reply to emails. Some of them reply back. Be prepared to meet them if they say. NSC remind people of what to say in “follow ups.”

    • John says:

      Victorian labor gov’t is proving it will screw hunters and sell out to the extreme left idealogues.
      today they announced a severely impacted quail season (starting 3.5? weeks late, and running only 5 weeks) after the GMA recommended a full season. this is insult to injury after the poor excuse for a duck season they gave us. They have rejected the science and expert opinions of wildlife managers the world over, and are angling for a parliamentary enquiry (which will be loaded with antis), and then they will again reject the science and cite “changing community attitudes” to prevent us from ever again sourcing our own free range game food.

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