Another firearms registry problem has emerged with reports that the NT Police have lost several Glock handguns.

The NT News has reported that 11 guns went ‘missing’ from the police armoury, with recording errors to blame.

NT News breaks a familiar story

The NT News story revealed that two Glocks were missing, “possibly stolen” and a further eight were unaccounted for.

It says that five police members undertook a full search of the armoury building, including the roof space, but failed to locate the firearms.

The NT Police’s Deputy Commissioner Murray Smallpage told the NT News that two of the missing Glocks were the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation and could not rule out that they ended up in the hands of criminals.

Trust us ....

The Deputy Commissioner told the paper:

“I want to reassure the community of the Northern Territory that we (approach)
the management of our weapons with the highest concern and any time when
we’ve got firearms missing is a grave concern to us

Given the seriousness by which our lawmakers regard firearm laws, we think that simply saying they hold ‘the highest concern’ is far from good enough.    Had a licensed firearm owner done the same thing, thy would most likely be up on charges.

So who is accountable for this, and what is the sanction? 

Recently, NT Police charged an Alice Springs man who carried a firearm to ensure his own protection when he went to help a neighbour who had been stabbed.  He did not lose the gun, and nor did he use it.  Yet he’s now before the courts, while the officers who lost their firearms are not.

.. and it's noT THE FIRST TIME police have lost guns

The story of missing guns by our police agencies is not new. 

VICTORIA: In the past few weeks, it was revealed over 100,000 guns were ‘missing’ from Victoria Police’s registry.

While possibly due to poor record keeping, it shows that good gun laws start with regulators who can do their jobs.  Plus, there is the story of where Victoria Police targetted a dealer because they had incorrect data on 81 guns in his possession.

NORTHERN TERRITORY: Then there was the theft of guns from a military base in Darwin in 2012. In that event – and while it was federal jurisdiction – NT Police showed little concern about how our government agencies manage firearms in the territory.

QUEENSLAND: We recently told you the story about the Colt 45 that Queensland Police intended to return to its rightful owner, before losing it and then somehow selling it to another shooter. 

Our intervention in that case resulted in some compensation being paid to the original owner, but it is another example of poor management of firearms by state police.

Given how Police treat any infringement or perceived infringement by a licensed shooter its high time they were held to the same high standard they expect us to maintain. After all they are the regulators who need to set the standard – and be held by it themselves.

If they are not, then what confidence can the community have in them, and the laws we have in place?

The NSC will continue to expose such misconduct and put pressure to bear on our politicians.


17 thoughts on “NT cops lose several guns

  1. J Wright says:

    Amazing double standards and sloppiness on behalf of the authorities, need to be followed to see the outcome.

  2. Ken R says:

    Shabbat Shalom,

    Damned, a tad unreasonable to lose even one, but many.
    Ken R
    Disabled By Service Incurred Injuries
    Former International Civil Servant
    Association Internationale de Police L/13453 / HGH Servo per Amikeco

    • Ken R says:

      Shabbat Shalom,

      In light of the “licencensed” shooter being given a please explain when accountability in a Federal Jurisdiction is not met. I worked there many years ago, I carried a Glock 40 for the Federal Government there. I was challenged twice.
      Ken R
      Disabled By Service Incurred Injuries
      Former International Civil Servant
      Association Internationale de Police L/13453 / HGH Servo per Amikeco

  3. Rob Parkes says:

    I’d be charged the instant I lost a firearm. No accountability and no-one seems to give a toss

  4. Geoff Rath says:

    The level of trustworthiness of SOME Police/ public service bureaucrats could stand close scrutiny…

  5. Trevor Pollock says:

    I bet they have been sold to criminals at a nice profit.
    After seeing the actions of some police officers who bring the rest of the police force down over the last 2 years nothing would surprise me.
    I just feel sorry for the good,decent cops we have in the force busting thier arse to do the right by the citizens & protecting our community being bought down by a handful of crooked cops.MY HEART GOES OUT TO THE GOOD COPS WE HAVE!

  6. Trevor Lingius says:

    With the amount of first hand stories I have heard from other licensed shooters where incorrect information has been recorded or guns that had been sold where still on the police registry but not on the shooters license makes you wonder how many other shooters have had issues. It’s about time these regulators were held accountable as I believe their name etc is recorded along with each registry change and if its not it should be. Keep up the good work and information.

  7. Lurch says:

    Australian cops are pathetic, no better than crims these days!!!

    Corrupt as they come thugs in uniform!

    • Jon Laird says:

      The loss of one gun is bad enpugh, but 11?!
      The NT Police doing the ‘soft shoe’ on this only makes them look like the corrupt and incompetent force who did the hit job on the Chamberlains.
      In the Forces, there would be hell to pay for the loss of one firearm. A soldier who sold his Steyr in Somalia was imprisoned.
      Time to wake up to yourselves NT Police – you are the Keystone Cops of Australia!

      • Dingo Bob says:

        Can you verify your comment regarding the “soldier who sold his steyr” ? I didnt serve in Somalia but the majority of the troops who did came from my unit. I think I would have heard about that

  8. Goodie says:

    Too right John, they retrieved one of my stolen guns, from Brendon Abbot, the post card bandit….. a 9mm smith&wesson model 59 14 shot auto …. and now it’s “ disappeared ” …..

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