Many of our legal cases are coming up for resolution soon, in what will be a great start to an important year for the NSC. 

  • The decision on the NT self-defence case has been deferred to February
  • The Police in charge of the case lose some of Ron’s stuff which is later found & returned to him.

RON STERRY is the Nprthern Territory shooter who is up on firearm charges for carrying a firearm to protect himself while providing first aid to a stabbed neighbour.

The decision, which was originally booked for 9 December, has been delayed to 11 February after the magistrate decided he needed more time to consider the case and evidence before him.   

We hope this is a good sign.

Why we’re backing Ron

With your help, we supported Ron from day one. 

All he did was go to the aid of his Alice Springs neighbour who had been stabbed, carrying one of his firearms.

While that may not sound ideal, it was dark, in a city known as the ‘stabbing capital of the world’, the assaillant was still on the loose, and the emergency services weren’t there.  Ron was a trained first aider, but didn’t want to become victim #2.

The great news is that Ron helped his neighbour, and everyone stayed safe.  Unfortunately the police took a different view and charged Ron with gun offences – which is where we stepped in.

Many of you donated to the costs of covering the legal bills, and we’re pleased to say that we have been able to make sure Ron had the best legal representation we could find.

Thank you for making this possible!

As a result, we provided Ron with two lawyers, including top Darwin barrister, Jon Bortoli

Ron’s up against gun laws which don’t provide flexibility for situations like this.  However, it remains to be seen if the judiciary might find a way to give Ron the acquittal he deserves

We’ve also made sure NT MP, Kezia Purick, who is also a member of the NSC, remains briefed so that she can push the case for having the law in NT changed, if that is what is required.

Why this case matters

This is an important case for licensed shooters because it is about our right to take reasonable steps to make sure we’re safe.

Some critics attacked us for our support for Ron.  These are the same critics who don’t understand what this case was about.

This case is about pushing back on bad policies on guns and a bad attitude towards gun owners by our regulatorsand governments.  

It is not about is our right to march up and down the streets carrying loaded firearms when there is no threat (even though there are different schools of thought about that).  Instead, this is a case is about someone who was only trying to do the right thing.

We’ll find out how the NT judiciary handles this on February 11.

NT Police’s shoddy handling of Ron’s other guns

A few weeks ago, we brought you the story of how the NT Police “lost” a number of their own Glock handguns from a Police armoury.

Now we can reveal the NT Police’s handling of firearms came close to affecting Ron as well.

When the NT Police took Ron’s gun off him, they came back the next day to take his other guns.

They decided to keep them in their own storage, even refusing Ron’s request to have those other guns transferred to a gun dealer while his case was dealt with, despite Ron having the legal right to do so under the NT firearms lawsThis would ensure that his guns remained safe, and undamaged.

The NSC got Ron’s barrister, Mr Bortoli, to write to the NT Police, threatening legal action if they did not allow the guns to be transferred.

The NT Police then allowed Ron’s guns to be transferred – except there was a catch.  They had lost a magazine belonging to one of his firearms, and a gun case.  The NT Police had even showed the magazine in their brief of evidence.

Unlike the Glocks, Ron’s items were found and have now been reunited with his dealer.  However, its yet another episode in this colourful drama.

We’re looking forward to seeing how this unfolds on 11 Feb.

Thank you again to everyone  who donated to the legal fund to support Ron’s case.   

You are the reason why we have been able to help Ron this far.

7 thoughts on “NT SELF-DEFENCE UPDATE: Decision deferred to February

  1. Joseph Sherman says:

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you Ron, and thank you NSC for standing up for Ron, this is definitely an issue that could affect all shooters and people that wish to protect themselves and others in potentially deadly situations. I hope the outcome is positive and helps set a precedent.

  2. FreedomImposer says:

    Again and again, the Police licensing system that shooters are forced to use can’t even take care of seized inventory. If magazines and firearms components went ‘missing’ in a shooters collection they would have the rest seized and fined, even possibly losing their license.

  3. Oleg says:

    I believe that each person should have right for self defense with reasonable methods. How you could do that if criminals have knives and firearms? Moreover they use it without any doubts.

  4. Marlana Visser says:

    All the best for the 11th Feb Ron, thank you to the NSC for standing up for a fellow shooter. Please let us know if anymore funds are required for this fight as we will be happy to donate more as i’m sure others in our community would be also.

  5. Ben says:

    You guys are absolute guns, pardon the pun. Best money I’ve ever spent becoming a member to support the cause.

  6. Michael says:

    Have your lawyer sing the 2A song in court, it goes like this; ” A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed “.

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