To Every Shooter in WA

As this article will explain,  your ability to continue holding your firearms licence is now under threat. 

At the very least,  it will get more expensive if not downright impossible to get renewed.

This article explains what is happening, and what you can do about it. Please make sure you read it – and do something about it before it’s too late.

Yours sincerely

Neil Jenkins 
National Secretary 

BY NOW, shooters in WA will be aware that the WA goverment has announced the introduction of regular mental health checks for WA shooters.

Click here to see our previous story explaining what is happening.

This will make getting and keeping a licence a lot harder and more expensive than it is now. That’s why YOU need to read this article and let your local MP know that this not good enough.

Act now! - or be prepared to face a tough fight to keep your licence

If politicians think that they can make laws without any political repurcussions, they will.  

To them, gun owners are easy targets.  Calling for “tougher gun laws” always makes good headlines. 

However when enough of those ‘easy target’ gun owners fight back, they become voters who can get sensible change.

What this means is that we need YOU (if you live in WA) to do two things.  They are to make an appointment to see your local MP – and write to your local MP.

Below, we take you through both options.  You need to do at least one of them.

Option 1: Go and see your local MP


The reason  you see your local MP is to tell them why the new law is a bad idea.

If enough shooters do this, their head office will get the message that there are enough of us to matter to them – and why they need to stop what they’re doing.

You can find out who your local MP is clicking the button on the right.


  • Aim for an appointment: Simply call their office and explain you are a constituent who would like to discuss a matter. If they ask what the matter is then do say its about gun laws.
  • Always be polite.  The more serious and factual you come across, the more they are likely to understand the problem you are describing to them.
  • Explain that you believe it will deter people from taking up and continuing in the sport because of the cost and inconvenience 
  • Importantly explain that you believe there is no benefit from this.  Papalia said 20 people died from firearm injuries last year, but he is not talking about licenced owners: He’s talking about criminals who don’t have licences.
  • Say that you believe Minister Papalia needs to go – and the firearms portfolio should be handed to someone else who will be more sensitive to the needs of shooters.
  • Thank the MP for his or her time and ask if the door is open for a follow up meeting later on if need be.  You may not need this but its a good way of making sure that the door stays open for you.

If you feel the MP was particularly helpful or unhelpful, please let us know. We are keeping a database of MP responses for the 2025 WA State Election, so how they treat you will be relevant to what we decide to do in their seat.

Option 2: Write to the MP

Letters matter too!.  You can write to your MP by email. It’s quick and easy to do, so why not do it now?

First, find out who your local member is by clicking here.

Then, send them the email we have drafted to the right (and feel free to cc it to us). 

Or you may be able to generate the same email by clicking here (just add the MP’s email address).

Feel free to change, add or delete anything you like, but do keep it factual and polite.  Above all, make a positive impression.

Remember what is at stake here: Your licence!

Do not take no for an answer!!

If you manage to speak with your MP, especially from Labor, the odds are they will give you a ‘standard’ response prepared by Papalia’s office.

What this means is they are more concerned about not ‘rocking the boat’ with Papalia than helping you. 

That’s something you should NEVER accept.  They are there to represent you, not Mr Papalia!

Again, be polite – but do not be shy in calling them out. 

Tell them that the standard response from Papalia’s office is not only incorrrect, it’s an insult and enough to get you and other shooters upset enough to make it matter at the next state election.

You need to remind your local member that they are there to represent the electorate – which includes you – and you won’t accept a mediocore response. 

Make sure they get the message loud and clear that the change matters to you and that the government needs to treat shooters with respect.

Dear [Name of MP]

Proposed new gun laws

As you may be aware, the Minister for Police, Paul Papalia, has proposed changes to the state’s gun laws. Among them is a proposal to mandate regular health checks for licenced shooters.

As a licenced shooter, I am not only deeply offended by the suggestion that these checks are needed, but the lack of engagement and consideration by Minister Papalia is palpable.

WA Police already have the ability to take licences off people who they deem not “fit and proper” to hold licences.  This is reasonable. 

However, to require the state’s nearly 90,000 licensed shooters who are everyday people to obtain checks that are not necessary, is going to impost a significant cost and inconvenience that does nothing for public safety.

Having that many shooters require appointments for no apparent reason will also displace other members of the community who may have urgent needs from being able to make timely appointments.

Minister Papalia has justified the move on a statement that 20 people died from firearm injuries lats year.  However these were caused by people who did not hold licences, so it is clear has no basis for his claim.

As my local member, I ask that you oppose the new laws and convey my views to the Minister.  I would also ask that your office makes a time that I can come and see you to discuss this matter further.

Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you.

Yours sincerely,

We'll be at the 2025 Western Australian State Election - no matter what

WA voters go to the polls again in 2025.  While it is possible the McGowan government may not face any serious threats, we can still have an impact by targetting MPs in marginal seats. If they fear losing their jobs, they may well change how they approach shooters.

That’s why good election campaigns matter – no matter who is in government or by what margin.

That’s why it pays to follow the NSC.  If you aren’t on our email list, then simply click here to join it now. Or better still, become a member. Join below, and your membership will go directly to supporting the work we do.

5 thoughts on “Our call to WA shooters: GET WRITING NOW!

  1. Gavin Walker says:

    emailed local member Margaret quirk. Received a standard response from a staffer saying he would pass it on. No mention of the appointment I asked for.

  2. LH says:

    We need to go further. Every NSC member, wherever they are, needs to make it clear to their local member that this is unnacceptable. Otherwise it’ll sure enough be only a matter of time before we’re fighting this in other states. We need to support our WA colleagues here.

  3. Neil Thornton says:

    This has been going on for many years. Think Port Arthur.
    When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

  4. Jeff McGinniss says:

    I click on the link to get to the email letter where I am supposed to be able to add the MP’s name and nothing happens.
    Can you assist me please.
    I have tried to copy and paste the letter, however, it comes out all black.
    Regards, Jeff

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