Our security industry


What we stand for

Security industry personnel put their lives on the line for us. In recent years they have been subjected to restrictions that put them at significant risk from better armed criminals. Relevant security industry personnel need to have access to category C and D firearms.

Why there is a problem

Security industry people have the same right as police to a safe workplace, and the right to return home at night. 

Currently they are facing restrictions on the number and types of firearms they can carry for reasons which have never been properly explained. The outcome is that security guards now face significantly greater danger than they have faced in the past.


Security industry personnel need to be able to protect themselves from the threats that they face every day. Our position means:

  • That subject to appropriate vetting and qualification periods, they can access any firearm they need to have, other than category E;
  • Restoring the level of access to firearms that they once had, so that they can be assured of returning home safely.