If you’re not familiar with who the National Shooting Council is – then you need to be.

That’s because we:

  • fight gun laws through direct political action;
  • take legal actions to STOP regulators from marking arbitrary decisions;
  • expose dodgy practices

Here’s some of the wins we’ve had:

  • coverage in four national newspapers of the fake National Cabinet to close our gun shops;
  • legal actions in multiple states to stop the reclassification of firearms;
  • provided voting advice for shooters wanting to know who to vote for in state and territory elections 

... and it doesn't stop there ...

We also:

  • got compo for a Qld gun owner where the police wrongly sold his gun to another licensed shooter;
  • exposed the Tasmanian Government’s insane ban on school shooting activities;
  • beat the proposed reclassification of the C-More M26 shotgun in Vic; 
  • Had a seized/banned Desert Tech SRS Rifle returned to its owner in WA; 
  • exposed Victorian MPs who lied about consultation;
  • helped an NT shooter beat five-gun charges in a self-defence case;
  • helped multiple shooters keep their licences after receiving COVID fines;
  • exposed the WA Police Minister’s lie about being able to convert gel blasters into to real guns;
  • exposed the NSW’s Registry’s shoddy treatment of DVA card holders after luring them with fee concessions; 
  • exposed the flimsy examples the Federal Government used to justify appearance laws; and
  • exposed firearm licence data breaches by Queensland Police 

PLUS we offer ‘genuine reason’ for hunting in three states!

Click these images for some examples

Karen Andrews doubles down on appearance laws

We get results.  You can help us do more by becoming a member. 

19 thoughts on “PROOF: Here’s a shooting organisation that looks after shooters 

  1. Michael Mazur says:

    What if a real shooting org urged its members to ask candidates for whatever upcoming election – federal, state, to support a constitutional amendment that would protect our God given right to ‘keep and bear arms’, borrowing from the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution ?
    This is not a decorative flourish to a fine document, but a sentence constructed in earnest, where the Founders recognised that politicians soon go out of control, and start to mass murder the very people they’re supposed to represent, which is exactly why tens of millions of Americans have not been murdered by their politicians since 1791.
    A cancellation of the Federal May elections would be the 2nd shoe to fall, the 1st was Port Arthur.

  2. Jacqui Knipe says:

    You lot are gun nuts, laws are to protect the public from gun nutters like you. No More PORT ARTHURS. As long as PORT ARTHUR remains a part of Australian history i say NO TO ALL GUNS. You lot used to hold up NZ as a place where relaxed gun laws worked. Well fact is an Aussie due to tough gun laws here the killer had to go there to massacre 50 people. You people are sick. Jacqui jfk_1967@gmail.com

    • Neil Jenkins says:

      Hi Jacqui

      The three words that came to mind when I saw your comment were complain, complain, complain.
      Anyway I thought I would allow your comment for all to see ….

    • Adrian Morelli says:

      You are absolutely a idiot with absolutely no idea about guns or gun law and regulation please don’t carry on with the mainstream false bullshit to justify gun laws that do not work.

    • Murray Sanders says:

      Don’t like guns don’t buy one simple , while your at it have a go at all the drug bags driving cars and people on their phones while driving , the governments of the day try everything to disarm and take our guns but they don’t mind using us as cannon fodder when they want to put a gun in our hands to protect there ass’s

    • Peter Saward says:

      Thank you Jacqui. You reminded me why we need organisations like the NSC and I’ve just joined for two years. Thanks again for your encouragement.

    • David Pickford says:

      Hello Jacqui, thank you for being open enough to make your comments on a “gun nuts” page. As both a former State and Federal officer I’d like to just point out a couple of things re your two examples; in the case of Port Arthur there were some serious flaws in the way that person obtained firearms by the police and their reaction to the event, ask yourself why for the first and last time to date there was no public trial of the accused or even a coronial hearing into all those deaths? Why when a victim took legal action against the gun seller and requested certain information from the police his trial was shut down
      Re New Zealand once more the police were at fault for giving him a licence to purchase and use firearms when he wasn’t a citizen. Sadly despite the skewered way the media, anti gun groups and most of our politicians portray gun owners we are not the problem, it’s criminal misuse and mainly due to poor housekeeping by the police that we have so many crimes committed with firearms.

    • Bird on a wire says:

      I think Michael Charles Dyson, the Overmeer Boys, and a host of the military, the monetary and the Freemasonic Coppers, would be laughing at your attributions Jacqui.
      What are you doing on this mailing list anyway?

    • Robert Pretty says:

      I am not a conspiracy theorist but when you look at the entire story of Port Arthur, and see so many inconsistencies in the story we are told – legal procedures not followed, witness statements ignored, police called away on wild goose chases, the efficiency of the shootings and the lack of capability, and poor mental capacity, of Martin Bryant plus the government locking up the records so that they can never be examined – any unbiased person would have to be at least curious about the possibility of a conspiracy. Add to that the fact that John Howard, in a televised interview said, and I quote: “I would do ANYTHING to get rid of guns.” Then you mentioned the NZ shooting. Do you recall that the perpetrator, in that case, videoed parts of that shooting and posted them to youtube? I saw a part of that video, before the authorities had it taken down, and after leaving the mosque and returning to his car he said, and I heard this quite clearly in the video and again I quote: “This will change the gun laws.” He didn’t say “This will fix those muslims” or anything like that, he only mentioned changing the gun laws. In both cases, when you read all of the known facts and not just rely on the biased media reporting, any normal and inquisitive person would have to at least wonder about whether these were conspiracies. And calling people who do believe them, nutters, is just so damn wrong and closed-minded.

    • Nick says:

      Hi Jackie,,the recent invasion of Ukraine only reinforces my belief that the RIGHT to KEEP and BEAR arms needs to be UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHT FOR EVERY PERSON ON THIS PLANET. What do think Stalin,Mao and Pol Pot did when they came to power Jackie? They disarmed there citizenry to consolidate there power base while afterwards murdering millions of innocent people. I’ve been to Cambodia Jackie and I’ve seen the killing fields. It was not pretty sight. Maybe you should too Jackie and educate yourself in the process as to why we need decent gun laws in this country.

  3. Keith H. Burgess says:

    I would like to see single shot flintlock, wheelock & matchlock pistols removed from the H class category & placed on a less restrictive license so that these primitive firearms can be used off range. We should never have lost this right in the first place. I fail to see what is so hard about acquiring this, but to date I have had very little support for my petition, & I have yet to see any firearms organisation even try to rescind this outdated law.

  4. Bert says:

    Jacqui Knipe ,the tone of your post borders on hysterical, to say all firearms should be banned shows a lack of understanding the many benefits of gun ownership. I have a small farm and run livestock, if I need to euthanise a sheep I much prefer to shoot it, which is quick and painless, than cut its throat, which is the accepted method of slaughter. This is just ONE example where a firearm is much better than the alternative.

  5. Bird on a wire says:

    If a government is trying to take guns away and impose tyrannical restrictions on otherwise peaceful gun owners ….
    They (governments) are most likely going to do something, that they would shoot you for doing.

  6. Benjamin Stuart says:

    Love you guys, best money i’ve ever spent. Lets bring reasonable gun laws back to Australia!

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