NORTHERN VICTORIA MP, Tim Quilty, has done something no other Victorian politician has – he has called for the firearms registry to be taken away from Victoria Police.

He recently issued a media release in which he said firearms licensing in Victoria, needs to be moved from Victoria Police to the Department of Justice.

He said this was consistent with how driver licensing and vehicle registration works, with police retaining an enforcement role.

Victoria's broken system

In his release, Tim cited the fact the Victorian firearms database is “riddled with mistakes and inaccuracies” including over 100,000 inaccurate firearms records stretching back 25 years.

Here is his release in full:

Quilty also cited the number of matters he raised in parliament over poor licence decisions and significant allegations of corruption which remain unanswered.

He said the call to move the registry echoed a 2014 Victoria Police Blue Paper and follows the example of other states which have already seen success with a similar approach.

Live in Northern Victoria? Here’s why you need to vote for Tim

Tim’s release follows his recent performance in Parliament where he raised matters of concerns that no other politician has dared to.

He is without doubt, the hardest working politician in Victoria shooters have ever had.

He named officers who he believed were corrupt and pointed to specific matters over where police failed to take action when they should have, attempts to cover up wrongful firearm destructions and both missing guns and ammo.

Tim’s the sort of guy shooters need in Parliament.  Without him, many of the scandals you’ve heard about would never have come to light.

He’s also a member of the NSC and has appeared with us on NSCTV.

If you live in Northern Victoria – which is from Albury to Mildura and down to Bendigo then Healesville (see the grey area on the map on the left)– then YOU need to support him.

Do NOT vote “Above-the-line”. Only vote “Below-the-Line”

Voting “above-the-line” on the large ballot paper carries the risk that your vote might be siphoned off through preferences to a candidate from another party who wants hunting and other shooting sports banned.

The best way to avoid that is to vote “below-the-line”. An example of this is to the left.

Putting Tim at “1” and number at least four other boxes so they are numbered 1-5.  To make sure your vote doesn’t get ‘exhausted’, make sure you number at least 12 boxes to play it safe.

It’ll take you barely twenty seconds to do. 

Click here for more information on voting “below-the-line” 

One thought on “Quilty calls for firearms registry to be removed from VicPol

  1. Peter says:

    Well done, and well overdue..I wish N.S.W had a Politician like this who has the guts to expose an inept firearms registry that is riddled with flaws …Get rid of the “fit and proper person clause”, and the “discretionary powers” which is being exploited by all the Registries. Then run a system that operates on the facts only.. Not rumours, opinions and hearsay like it is now and has been for decades.

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