The NSC has filed another reclassification action, this time in Tasmania, less than a month out from that state’s general election.

Even better is the news that this fight is in a higher court, being the Tasmanian Magistrates Court

The fight is over a familiar friend – the Ruger PC Charger. In this case, Tasmania Police issued a permit to acquire that was for a general category handgun – before they decided to ban the Ruger through reclassification.

In other words, this case is around an acquisition that would have been legal at the start of the PTA process.

In this case, the registry has refused to provide a ‘statement of reasons’ to the prospective owner, because the dealer applied for the permit.  It then refused to provide a statement of reasons to the dealer, because the dealer was not the prospective owner.

Perhaps the most baffling of all is that the registry banned the gun because, in its opinion, the Ruger “substantially duplicates in appearance the Brugger & Thomet APC9 select-fire SMG.

Below are images of both guns – with the Ruger at top, Brugger & Thomet below:

The first directions hearing will be held in the Magistrates Court on May 7.

Tasmanian election looms

The state election is on 1 May.  We have already earmarked reclassification as an issue we’ll be raising with both sides, and hope that the fact this matter has now been filed will help draw attention to this matter.

In order to further this fight, we have asked the Tasmanian Police Minister for an urgent meeting.  We have also written to his Labor counterpart, so hope to put the issue of reclassification and the broader problem of the attitude of the Tasmanian registry “front and centre” in the run up to the election. 

3 thoughts on “RECLASSIFICATION: NSC extends the fight to Tasmania

  1. Dezi B Freeman says:

    Beware the corrupt Magistrates court. They look after their accomplices in the police force while listening carefully to your evidemce and pretending to be unbiased. I speak from experience.

  2. David says:

    Good work fighting the good fight NSC. I hope you have a solid win and set the bar to end all this reclassification garbage. I’ve recommended to every shooter I know to become a member with you guys as their is only strength in numbers.

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