THE NSC will soon be helping shooters know who to vote for – or not vote for – at next month’s Victorian State Election.

In some cases, shooters will have plenty of options. In other cases, they may not.

When it comes to the upper house, that won’t be a problem. Shooters will have plenty of minor parties to vote for (or avoid).

Don't just tick the ballot papers. Pay attention to who you're voting for.

Unfortunately for shooters, several minor parties are bad choices for shooters, so we need every shooter who is voting, to pay attention to who they vote for – and not just mark a box to ‘get it out of the way’.

Those parties include the Greens, Animal Justice Party, Justice Party (founded by Derryn Hinch) have consistently supported Labor on decisions that have hurt the shooting sports.

Unfortunately that group includes the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party who voted for the extension of Victoria’s lockdowns and bans on political donations.

You might as well give candidates from those parties Labor’s famous red shirts now. That includes you, Jeff.

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We’ll then swing enough for a slab to the winner, and post the best images in the lead up to the election, all in the name of fun. 

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Rod Barton - Anti-Gun?

Last year, the head of the Transport Matters Party, Rod Barton, voted for new gun laws that require shooters to get new safes. 

In speaking in parliament, Rod paid out on the NSC – but he also confirmed what we were saying, which is that Labor’s 10 year gun bans can be served on any shooter for any reason.  Click here to see that earlier story. 

In more recent months, Rod was named by The Age as one of several MPs who wanted a ban on duck hunting.

When we enquired with his office, his staffer, Norm Dunn, said told us:

As far as duck season Rod was never spoken to by the Age or any reporter regarding his position on duck hunting.”

That got us very interested because it called the accuracy of The Age’s story into question.  This led to an exchange of correspondence inviting Mr Barton to clarify his actual position. 

We gave Mr Barton plenty of opportunity to respond and refute it, but he did not. That means either the paper got it wrong, or Barton’s office lied to us, which we suspect is more likely.  That’s another red shirt.

However our interest in this isn’t just Rod Barton. It’s Norm too.

Meet Norm, former SFFP staffer

NORM DUNN’s name is reasonably well known in shooting circles.

He worked for the SFFP before jumping ship to work for Rod Barton. As for his view on shooting, he told us:

As for me as a member of FGA and ADA I think that gives a clear picture.” 

So he’s a shooter, which makes him a good bloke.  That’s why you would hope that means he will stick up for shooters.

Going to ground on guns

IN SEPTEMBER, the Transport Matters Party announced that Norm will run for the party, presumably in Northern Victoria Region.

In addition to our question to Barton about duck hunting, we also asked him if Norm would be free to stand up for shooters if he got elected. We also asked if Norm’s preferences will support pro-shooting candidates.

Here is what we asked:

  • will [Norm]be free to support duck hunting? 
  • will he be free to vote against changes to the Firearms Act if the opportunity comes up?  
  • will Norm’s preferences put pro-shooting candidates such as those from the LDP above those who oppose shooters? 
  • will Norm’s preferences put the LDP above or below the SFFP?

There was no response.

Remember, vote carefully. Follow our voting guide.

At the last state election, the Transport Matters Party did in fact preference the LDP in the Northern Victoria Region.

Good on them.  We hope they do the same again.

However, their preferences also favoured left wing parties including the Animal Justice Party, particularly in the west where they won a seat.

If history repeats itself, Norm’s nomination could result in more help for anti-gun parties – including the Animal Justice Party – and him being gagged on any matters relating to firearms.

Yep, you might as well give Norm a red shirt too.

Norm's FB slap

Here is a Facebook post Norm made a while ago.

The post is targetted at the NSC and you will see he named Barry Howlett who liked the post and left a comment.

Barry is the Communications Manager for SSAA Vic.

If they are mates – which this conversations suggests they might be – then it might give you a clue as to who the SSAA might support at next month’s Victorian State Election.

9 thoughts on “RED SHIRTS ALL ROUND, PLEASE: Former SFFP staffer becomes candidate for anti-gun party

  1. Trevor Pollock says:

    So who the hell does the shooters vote for.
    There is even rumours they want to ban recreational fishing.
    Australia needs a whole new Government federally,,politicians that represent the average Aussie,not these woke green morons that have no idea how the world works.
    Ban hunting & Australia will be overrun with feral animals & our native wildlife decimated.
    Criminals don’t care about any gun laws politicians introduce!

  2. Geoff Rath says:

    A point to remember; pklitocisns, and potential ones are not obliged to honestly answer wuestionz put to them or to respo d with integrity.
    Rwsearch it if you’re in doubt about my comment.or review past political bahaviour. Even questions in the “house” are answered evasively.
    In my 70+ years a deep cynicysm has evolved in me relating to those “in power”, be they political, legal, professional or burwaucratic by profession.
    Harsh judgement? You bet.

  3. Bill Veris says:

    I am not sure of the list of parties in Victoria, but Great Australia Party has pretty decent firearm policies! Rod Cullerton is a fine bloke also for standing up for the constititution! National Shooters Council should contact them!

    * GAP will put an end to the inconsistency of state laws regarding the licensing of firearms.
    * GAP believes in firearms ownership as a right, not a privilege.
    * GAP recognises a need to reform registration of firearms adjusting access and removal of red tape as required.
    * GAP believes hunting and sports are legitimate reasons to own a firearm.
    * GAP supports fair access to semi-automatic firearms for primary producers for the management of pest control.
    * GAP will deregulate paintball and airsoft so that ownership of paintball markers and airsoft devices will not require a firearms license.
    * GAP supports that the training and testing of firearms competency will be performed by experienced, local firearms training organisations that are accredited for this purpose.
    * GAP supports that people shall be licensed to use a category of firearms. Once licensed for that category, purchase firearms within that category may occur without further intervention.
    * GAP supports that a licensed people shall have the freedom to travel freely throughout Australia with their firearms without restrictions.
    * GAP supports handgun carry by way of permits where an applicant is:
    – Supported by at least two years of verifiable experience through a handgun club membership.
    – Nominated by the same club as being of suitable character for a concealed carry license.
    – For the purpose of hunting / self-defence in remote locations such as when accessing remote areas like Northern Territory against crocodile and pig attack.
    * GAP will work to establish secured depots of firearms and ammunition throughout every town and city, ready for issue to the civilian population in the event of an attack on the people of Australia by a foreign power.
    * GAP will encourage membership of the Australian Army Reserve by providing incentives such as access to free dental, medical and zero interest loans for at a one to three ratio post discharge (for example two years attendance will provide six years of benefits).
    * GAP will review the National Firearms Agreement.
    * GAP supports secure firearms storage.
    * GAP recognises that reasonable defensive force is always justified and will ensure that laws reflect this maxim.

    SFFP is the most ironic party ever in Australian history!

  4. Benny says:

    Whoever Barry howlet recommends make sure you put them last. He only has his own agenda in interest not the interest of recreational hunters. Remember the last election where he proudly wrote a 15 page essay on how good Dan andrews was and make sure you vote for him. Is there a reason why he is no longer in the Ada?? Ssaa might open their eyes to this little man soon too.

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