NSC Membership + genuine reason (Gun collecting – Victoria)

Become a member with gun collecting as your genuine reason in Victoria.

Your genuine reason is provided through Hunters & Shooters Society of Australia (HSSA) Historical Society of Firearms which is an approved club with Victoria Police for Category 1 and 2 Collectors Licences.

Documents you need to provide

You are required to provide documents to HSSA who will then provide you with a link that will enable you to complete taking out your membership and genuine reason. The cost of this membership is $88 per annum (inc GST).

In order to obtain membership for either category 1 or 2, you must provide HSSA with:

  • A copy of your valid Victorian Firearms Licence,
  • 2 positive written references from persons over the age of 18 who have known you for over 2 years and have no objection to you obtaining a firearms collector’s licence, and
  • Display a genuine desire to collect firearms of historical value.

When you provide these documents, you are agreeing to the rules of the HSSA Historical Society of Firearms Rules which you can read by clicking here [add link]

applying for a Category 1 Collectors Licence

A Category 1, antique handgun collectors’ or ammunition collectors’ licence is reasonably straight forward – just provide the documentation listed above.

If you intend to acquire handguns there are additional requirements.

applying for a Category 2 Collectors Licence

If you intend to apply for a category 2 licence, you must:

  • have at least 10 firearms in your possession manufactured before 1 January 1947;
  • have held a category 1 firearm collectors’ licence for at least 2 years.

To maintain this licence the member must;

  • Remain financial and pay the yearly membership fee,
  • Attend at least one club meeting every 12 months, and
  • Submit a statutory declaration once every twelve months outlining that they are a fit and proper person and any changes in their circumstances including civil cases, criminal charges, and health.

How to apply

Make sure you have the documents listed above and then email them at admin@huntersandshooters.com.au.

HSSA will then review the documents and provide you with a link to continue with your membership.

Click here to email HSSA with your documents to join as a gun collector