IN THIS ARTICLE, we remind you of the dog act that Jeff Bourman did to one of his own, just to protect the Labor Party. We also point you towards better pro-gun voting options.

how this started

In 2014, the SFFP managed to get two people elected to the Victorian Parliament – Jeff Bourman and Daniel Young.

While they had plain sailing for a while, the relationship between the two got strained when Labor introduced new laws to change how donations could be made to political parties. 

Why the donation laws mattered

The laws introduced by Labor limited how much political parties could receive from outside interests and replaced that lost income stream with funding from the taxpayer to the tune of $60m per election cycle.

The reason Labor wanted this was to stop the flow of money into the Liberals from big business.

The laws meant that the SFFP would no longer need to seek donations from the shooting community, because the taxpayer would make up for it.

That sounded good for them, but it also limited the ability of Victoria’s shooting organisations from being able to support better pro-shooting candidates.

Daniel stands up on the matter

The problem for Jeff, was that Daniel didn’t like that idea, and believed it was wrong for the taxpayer to be funding political parties. He went public, saying that the laws would provide “a massive boon” to the Greens.

Below is an article that appeared in the Herald Sun at the time.

why attack the sffp?

The purpose of this article isn’t simply to have a crack at Jeff and the SFFP.

It’s to have a go at a party and it’s leader who aren’t achieving anything when the shooting sports need real solutions.

It’s to expose how the SFFP is hurting our future by failing to stand up for shooters, cutting deals with our enemies – and expelling someone who was standing up for us.

Voting for the SFFP entrenches bad behaviour and wastes valuable time in our bigger fight

That’s why we’ll do what we can to remind shooters why voting for the SFFP is a backward step, and to let them know what other options for real change are out there for them.

Don’t waste your vote.

DOG ACT 1: Jeff made sure dan wouldn't get re-elected

Daniel’s position created a split within the SFFP because Jeff wanted to protect the ALP. However in an attempt to keep his job, Daniel voted with Jeff for the legislation which then passed through Parliament.

However, in a move to make sure he didn’t get re-elected, the Jeff made sure Daniel didn’t get the preferences he needed to get reelected in 2018 and used the SFFP’s Group Voting Ticket to preference the Greens above the Liberals.

This was a clear attempt to embarrass Daniel, but the smarter operators like us knew it was a set-up.

We remind you that the SFFP’s registered officer, who registers these tickets with the Victorian Electoral Commission is Jeff’s wife, Nicole Bourman (pictured right), so this tells you what to expect from that husband and wife team.

DOG Act 2: the execution

Following the election, the SFFP dumped Dan after alleging Dan had uncovered details of the preference deals to protect Jeff.  Again, Dan was just telling the truth in what has become Jeff’s signature move at elections just to ensure his own employment.

Here’s part of what The Age published:

What’s at stake

The shooting community is facing a number of challenges which you are familiar with.

What we don’t need are zealots pretending to represent us and creating false hopes for shooters. It is  disingenuous and wastes valuable time to fix the problems facing shooters who need real representation.

Want to know who to vote for?

If you were thinking about voting SFFP, then don’t waste your time.  Click the  image below to go to the How-To-Vote advice that Victoria’s shooting organisations helped develop.

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