Rewrite the NFA

What we stand for

The National Firearms Agreement was flawed from the start and does nothing for public safety. 

The NFA should establish firearm categories and basic licencing requirements, but nothing else. It needs to bind jurisdictions - without exception.

Why there is a problem

The ‘headline’ issues of the NFA relate to the classification of firearms and the need for licences. 

However, it also contains a number of other provisions that are major problems such as:

  • banning juniors from taking up the sport,
  • unrealistic restrictions around ‘genuine reasons’ which provides unnecessary limitations to access cat C,D & H firearm; 
  • appearance’ laws which allow bureaucrats to ban particular types of firearms based on how they look; and
  • Registration of antique firearms which will provide no public benefit.

These need to go. 

The NFA also allows jurisdictions to ignore the NFA if they want to – such as Western Australia which does not recognise interstate licences. 

This is not good enough.