Extract from Affidavit of Ron Sterry filed in NT Supreme Court


Ron’s taking NTPol on. Let’s help him get the result we need!

IN A STUNNING MOVE, Ron Sterry has launched his own proceedings to appeal the decision against his licence suspension in the NT Supreme Court.   

It’s a move that follows the support he got from two judges and the media in what was clearly a case of good samaritan who did the right thing.

NOT ONLY THAT, but Ron has now launched civil proceedings suing NT Police for the raid they conducted and the actions they took on his licence.

Remember the story?

Readers will recall that Ron went to the aid of a neighbour who had been stabbed. It was dark, the assailant was on the loose and emergency services were not yet on site. 

His actions saved her life.

Yet NT Police charged him with firearms and weapons charges which he mostly beat. The one charge which stuck, was a weapons charge, however the decision resulted in an order which resulted in Ron’s property and licence being returned to him and no conviction being recorded.

The NT Police later decided to suspend his licence again, and concoct a reason to raid his place.

Unfortunately for him, the NT Firearm Appeals Committee upheld the NT Police’s decision, but not without its controversy.

That’s because the judge hearing the matter does believe Ron had been treated unfairly by the law and wrote to the NT Police Minister about an “absurd” law and possible changes to the NT Firearms Act.

Ron takes the fight to the NT supreme court

Ron has now also decided to appeal the licence suspension to the NT Supreme Court – at a huge financial cost to him.

However, the outcome of this could not only help ‘right a wrong’, but result in a first for shooters in this country – a Supreme Court win.

Ron also files civil action!

In mid-2022, the NSC organised with Ron to file a civil action to sue NT Police for trespass. For legal reasons, the paperwork was served late last year.

Ron’s actions seeks some restitution and return of property, as well as unspecified damages for the “blatant disregard” for his rights and the trespass.

That’s why helping Ron is so important. Can you help Ron cover his legal expenses?  Whether it is $20, $50 or $100, now is the time we really need to send the message to a Police Minister who is simply hoping this matter will go away.

There is significant upsides to these actions

IF RON WINS THESE ACTIONS, they will be major wins for shooters across the country who have been able to take on a shoddy regulatory decision at the Supreme Court level – and win.  

Of course, legal fights come with no guarantee, but like Ron, the NSC will not take this laying down.  

A loss would be quite disappointing – but a win will become news for shooters around the country.  

That’s why this fight is worth it

Help back Ron with a DONATION, and get behind the NSC by joining today.  The bigger we become, the stronger we will be for this, and future fights.

5 thoughts on “Ron appeals licence suspension to Supreme Court – and sues NT Police

  1. Philip Walter says:

    As an NSC MEMBER going thru similar situation i sincerly hope that RON gets the correct action and outcome
    best wishes mate
    win win win

  2. Leigh K says:

    Once they get you in their sights they will try everything to ruin you, they don’t care about the cost because like every bureaucrat they think our taxes are theirs to waste.
    United we stand.

    • Hugh Jwang says:

      You are definitely correct there. Queensland government has a culture of bullying in management that they refuse to address and, when called in it, they cite that everything they did was under “proper managerial procedure” (when it is not).
      A case of embezzlement fraud was committed in recent years in Queensland Health (years after the ‘Prince’) at Lady Cilento Children’s and, because the managers who were supposed to be managing the staffer and the million dollar budget weren’t doing their jobs, the entire case was ignored by media and government and the person retained their job.
      As per usual, the CCC were incapable of doing their job and had their usual blindfold in place.

  3. Ned says:

    This case is very important to set a Supreme Court precedent against the totally corrupt, mentally deranged domestic terrorists who call themselves “police”. Australia wide these corporate criminals are breaking good laws daily and misusing their position and our money to maliciously harm innocent people. We must ALL openly stand against this NOW!

  4. Phill says:

    Does anyone know if the NT police put in the efforts to catch, charge, and convict the stabbing offender as they did to Ron?

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