NT Police's weird behaviour

THE NT NEWS has reported on our interview with Ron Sterry about the wierd (and getting even wierder) behaviour of NT Police who seized water and a Nerf gun in their desperate bid to make up for their failed seizure of Ron’s guns after he provided first aid to a neighbour.
The story is behind a paywall but provides an accurate summary of our recent interview with Ron, even highlighting the popularity of his chilli oil. 
The (paywalled) story can be seen at the NT News site by clicking here.

The 'bizarre' raid: seizing a nerf gun

To summarise, the story stated:
In a lighthearted video posted online by the National Shooting Council following the bizarre raid, local gun owner and chemistry hobbyist Ron Sterry explained the officers had “seized my Nerf gun!”.
But Mr Sterry said the weapon taken into police custody during the search warrant was “not just any Nerf gun”.
“That is a Nerf Recon, part of the N-Strike series”

WHILE THE NT POLICE did not respond in time for the NT News story, the Gold Coast Bulletin reported:

NT POLICE has defended seizing a toy gun from a Territory recreational shooter, describing the Nerf blaster as a “replica firearm”.

… and …

When NT Police was asked if it would apologise to Mr Sterry for the apparently fruitless raid, Superintendent Antony Deutrom said investigations into the seized material were “ongoing”.

So it would now seem that the Nerf Recon, which is widely sold in the NT, may be seen by police to be a replica firearm – while (as we understand it) SA Police regards it to be a toy.

14 chemical samples - water, vinegar, asprin and Ron's famous chilli oil

Watch Ron’s interview from the 22:35 minute mark.

The story also stated:
A forensic analysis of the chemicals seized in the raid, including via “gaschromatography/mass spectrometry” and seen by the NT News, reveals that out of a total of 14 different substances, none contained any illicit drugs.

The story then covered the centrepiece of the raid – Ron’s chilli oil:

Mr Sterry said the test results revealed the budding chemistry student was in possession of various compounds, including “water”, “vinegar”, “aspirin” and “my infamous chilli oil”.

“The top comment I get from people is ‘Can I please have a sample of your chilli oil?,” he said.

“So it wasn’t just the police that were after it, it seems to be half the population of Alice Springs.”

Click here to see the interview, which starts at the 22:35 minute mark.

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8 thoughts on “RON STERRY: “It’s not just any Nerf gun”

  1. Philip Walter says:

    This proves the point that the police have a great time wasting resources and public funds your and my taxes wasted chasing and persecuting legally licensed firearme owners as they are the easy target and a whole lot easier than doing their real job of chasing criminals as firearms owners we are the most closely scrutinised secror of the public our sport is the safest in Australia but we are the ones the government uses as a scape goat to meke the general public feel safe WELL just how safe do you feel with one less water pistol in the back garden

  2. Psyadi says:

    Showing once again how much of a joke Australian gun laws are.
    Paintball, Gel Blasters and Airsoft should all be classified as toys and have no regulations on them at all and as for NERF, you couldnt get more of a toy.
    Australians have allowed the government to completely cuck them and created an environment where they are just thankful they have the governments permission to own anything and dont dare say anything too much in case they get what little they have taken away.

  3. Adam Basham says:

    Has anyone thought about mandatory Drug Testing and Mental Health Assessments for the NT Police… Seriously…. A NERF GUN…. Just how much of tax Payers money have they wasted on this? A NERF GUN…. Will they be raiding Kmart and Big W next and charge them with Arms Trafficking

  4. Steve says:

    Clearly a case of police bullying vendetta. All police involved should be sacked without any further payments or pensions.

    • David M says:

      I’m reminded of two other victims: the Chamberlains. Remember Azaria? Nothing’s changed. It was worse, in the late 1980’s two soldiers told me NT police like beating up Australian soldiers.

  5. Someone who enjoyed having nerf battles with family says:

    Ah, yes, the highly destructive nerf recon dart blaster.
    Capable of ranges up to approximately five whole meters and a rate of fire of of maybe a single dart every five seconds seconds or so … but only if it does not jam.
    Unless you happen to be violently allergic to the materials of the foam dart is made of then the only real risk of damage is if you get hit in the eye by one, which is easily fixed by wearing any random sunglasses or safety googles available.
    As for the ‘replica firearm’ angle – that’s complete nonsense … Bright colors (Including the bright orange tip making it easy to identify as a toy), non functional accessory’s (tends to work worse when attached), negligible effective range, negligible ability to cause permanent damage, etc … It’s plain as day that somebody was grasping at straws and desperate for an excuse to look remotely competent.

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