THE NORTHERN TERRITORY POLICE didn’t like the way the NT Local Court dealt with the recent self-defence case, so they decided to take the law into their own hands.

PLAIN CLOTHED AND UNIFORMED POLICE in the NT have raided the house of Ron Sterry, who recently beat police against gun charges after he went to his neighbour’s aid.

The raid was carried out with the support of the drug squad when he was interstate. 

They even tried to open Ron’s safe by drilling it because the keys were not in the house – until they were stopped by his lawyer.

The police walked away without any guns.  Instead they took his chilli oil and vinegar.

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Ron's 'lawful' behaviour

Readers might recall that Ron faced five gun charges, three of which were dropped before he went to trial.   He was found not guilty of the fourth, and found guilty of a fifth charge (carrying a weapon in public) but he got a good behaviour bond for that.

The magistrate hearing the case saw through the police case and described Ron’s actions as being a ‘lawful excuse’, and ordered the immediate return of his licence, firearms and ammunition.

This was a big win for the Australian shooting community because it showed where protection with firearms was legitimate.  Our story was shared on Facebook over 1,000 times and seen by more than a quarter of a million readers. 

These are huge numbers – and we think this new story will reach even more people.

Sour grapes

Unhappy with the result, police went to seize Ron’s guns again.

The basis for this is not clear but it seems to be directly related to the court case in that he was found guilty of one of the charges – even though the court dealt with that at the time.  It’s relevant to note that the police made no application for his guns to be taken – and you’ll recall the magistrate specifically ordered their return.

The female senior constable leading the raid first went to Ron’s workplace, then to his house where they had no response to a knock on the door. 

The officer then called Ron saying ‘she had paperwork for him’ and demanded he came to the front door when he politely told her he was in Adelaide.

She then accused him of lying and said she ‘knew he was in there’ and was watching her on his security cameras.  That’s true, because we’ve got over 30GB of footage covering the raid.

Police arrive at Ron’s place. 

Searching at the rear of his place

Going through Ron’s bins, before the search warrant arrives

She said he (Ron) was “making this really difficult”, before hanging up on him.  Unhappy, the police went back to his workplace where Ron’s boss went to Ron’s house with a key to let them in.

Cops reason for a search warrant

When Ron’s boss arrived, the drug squad was already there, armed with a search warrant.

While details are a bit sketchy, it would seem the police first on the scene looked through the windows of Ron’s house and saw part of an off-the-shelf chemistry set. 

That’s because Ron has an interest in chemistry and has in fact applied to do a degree in chemistry (which is why he was in Adelaide at the time).  He was intending to start his degree last year, but this was delayed by the earlier trial.

To be clear, Ron did not have anything in his possession that is illegal or was a precursor to anything illegal – just the kit.   

Yet the police saw what he had as a precursor to the manufacture of Methamphetamine.   We understand they seized some of the vinegar, which, if the drug squad tried hard enough, would allow them to make nail polish remover.

Police drill into Ron’s safe

Police go after Ron's guns

It was during this time the senior connie called Ron a second time, demanding to know where the keys to the safe were. 

Ron said they were with him in Adelaide. This resulted in the cops pulling out their drills to get his guns.

Or at least they tried to, until Ron’s lawyer, Jon Bortoli, stepped in to stop them continuing because the police had failed to follow the correct process. 

The treatment of Ron follows the recent negative publicity that the NT Police drummed up for themselves over their treatment of fellow officer, Zachary Rolfe, who was cleared over charges for fatally shooting a 19-year-old in the remote community of Yuendumu. 

Cops' hot taste

Among the several items the police seized were several quantities of unidentified liquids, one of which, according to Ron, is a vial of chilli oil – a common ingredient in Chinese and Asian foods. 

Among his experiments has been the extraction of caffeine from tea and coffee, acetone from vinegar (which we understand police also took), and other extractions from common household products.

Chilli oil

Helping Ron

We stood by Ron before, and we’ll do it again.

This is likely to become a more interesting fight because the basis for the raid is pretty thin and seems to cover matters that the courts have already dealt with. 

In the meantime, Ron needs our help – again. We’ve already re-engaged Jon Bortoli as his lawyer and are working hard to see if we can have this addressed through whatever means may be possible.

We want to send a powerful message to the NT Police not to interfere with a shooter who has done nothing wrong, so have started a new fighting fund to help Ron out.  

Plus, we might even send a chemistry kit to the NT Police Commissioner.

36 thoughts on “STABBING HERO: NT cops raid Ron’s place, seize vinegar & chilli oil

  1. Jap says:

    So, the NT cops don’t like a court decision that goes against them!
    Unfortunately, I can see this harassment continuing. The poor bastard won’t be able to get in his car without being pulled over and searched.
    Ron needs to start a case against them.

  2. ALAN BENTHAM says:

    It would appear that Melbourne is not the only place that employs thugs and gives them a blue uniform. VICPOL are now trying to convince the public that they are really good guys. Yeah right. How long before the Northern territory thugs in blue realise they are no longer relevant as an actual police force? The thin blue line needs to be made a lot thinner. I would rather take my chances with a bikie gang than the police. Bikie gangs normally only target each other, not like what we are getting as an excuse for a police force.

  3. Jonathan Laird says:

    The NT Police need to grow up and stop behaving like a school yard bully that has been called out? They started this mess by their petty misapplication of the law.

  4. JAMES BEATTIE says:

    There must be a senior NT Cop who should be made accountable for this abuse of power. Find that person and get rid of Him/Her fast before any more innocent people suffer this type of outrage.

  5. Rod says:

    We really MUST hold our officials accountable where they have been demonstrated to behave poorly. I would suggest this case qualifies. When the Police lose their sense of objectivity, they become a liability, not an asset.

    • Joseph says:

      Yes it seems that like Chairman Dan’s Gestapo Goons their behaviour patterns have migrated North , I wonder if they’ll even try to ingratiate themselves back into the main stream society like Vicpol is attempting to do !!
      I’m hoping that the Victorian voting population remember the treatment dished out to them by the SS !!!
      Good luck ROD ?
      I hope all goes well mate ..

  6. Tina Andrea says:

    Sounds like the NT Police are trying to save face but are, in fact, digging themselves a deeper hole. Quit while you ‘re ahead guys. It’s not difficult to be humble.

  7. Shane says:

    Another case of Police Harassment, it goes to show that corruption is breeding within the police force , and how vindictive law enforcement can truly be, this is disgusting treatment and a complete waste of public resources, the NT police commissioner should be stood down without his fat redundancy package.

  8. David says:

    WA are about to change the law to right of entry and search and seizure of guns without a warrant or due cause, just because a person is a law abiding gun owner. They do not have to give any reason for their actions and there is no right of appeal through the state administrative tribunal. The excuse is (Unlike the evidence based decisions made about Covid 19 ) that the law is required due to the large and increasing numbers of gun owners in WA? It is interesting that these increasingly large numbers of gun owners in WA are NOT breaking any laws or posing a risk to public safety!! There are adequate lawn already to deal with illegal gun ownership by Bikie gangs drug dealers and criminals , who incidentally dont licence thier illegaly gained firearms and never will, and a search warrant is obtainable in a few minutes from any JP or judge by just showing just cause. There are no excuses and we need to guard our laws so we dont become Nazi germany or China where no one has any freedoms at all

  9. Chris says:

    Not only shall he win this case but get a new UNDAMAGED and UNVANDALISED gun safe !
    Fight for the individuals responsible for this unlawful harassment to be held accountable.

    • Christian says:

      Why Russia? In Russia, you have the constitutional right to defend yourself, your family, and your property, and that includes firearms! In Russia you can buy and register firearms for the purpose of SELF-DEFENSE! In Russia, you have a sort of guns rights, ie in Russia when you apply for a firearms license and the background check is done ( drug user, psycho, medical ) police MUST issue your permit!

    • rod_racer says:

      James, that is a stupid statement on your behalf about Russia. Rusiia has very simmilar laws to us in Australia. Apply for a permit, undogo a test, show a valid reason and one can own firearms. Please, do some research before you post rubbish.

  10. Philip Walter says:

    This is a case of sour grapes the police do not want this licenced shooter to have his firearms they have done an illegal job in the damaged safe and these police need to be held to account

  11. Joe says:

    If police were held to the same standards that legal firearms owners are held to, then the police would Only be armed with pepper spray, and certainly not allowed to carry loaded firearms in public.

    The constant news stream from out of control officers on power trips is nearly a weekly occurrence.

    Some should not be entrusted to uphold law and order

  12. rod_racer says:

    This complete disregard for the law won’t go down too well in court. Ignoring a court decision has severe ramifications. Good luck to Ron. Donation inbound.

  13. Paul Couzner says:

    SAPOL is no better as they do what they what and don’t follow the laws too, 10 years ago i reported that my house was broken into and pain medication was stolen on several occasions in a country town, after 12 break-in and talking to a family friend over a meal at his house in Adelaide that wcas a high ranking officer in the CIB at the time that rocked the boat . Next thing was CCTV footage of the local SAPOL trying to enter my house while i was away with out any luck. a few days after i got back they raid my house without a search warrant and used the fact i had resisted firearms as there right to do it, Was treat like a major criminal, when all i had before that was a few speeding fines. was interviewed, firearms taken for a couple of rounds in a coin jar that was my bad, DNA test done in my driveway. No copy of interview released to me or to my lawyer by SAPOL to defend my self in court. Got my rifles back after 9 months of court when i went to local SAPOL office to collect my rifles they dropped my SAKO TRG-22 target rifle on the floor damaging the scope and laugh about it and when i looked it over in the station i pointed out it had fired while in there possession as they was powder still in the barrel. to have SAPOL straight out deny it been used. As they had been fully cleaned for long term storage a few weeks before they were taken as i was due for major shoulder surgery at the time. The Officers involved where done for concussion and were not sacked but just sent to different SAPOL Station and since i have no trust in SAPOL and after Covid-19 i don’t trust any police officer now after there bullshit for being a essential worker that crossed the SA/Vic border daily. there are some good ones but they are far & few apart.. GOOD LUCK RON, keep strong..

  14. MM says:

    The philosophy of self defence in this country is simple, there is no self defence. Whenever a defence in court regarding self defence succeeds, especially when firearms are involved, it is seen as a slight on the constabulary. It is considered abhorrent and unavailable to Australians.
    It is time to legislative reform that clearly stipulates when and how Australians are able to defend themselves and their families, without having to hesitate and debate in their own minds, loose precious time in their response to a life threatening situation and risk a devastating result that they will need to live with or die for.

  15. james Pirie says:

    At least I use my name, try going to Russia and making derogatory remarks about the government and the police

  16. Mike Adler says:

    Another reason I’m a member of the NSC. Whereas the SSAA sits by idly doing nothing for shooters except lining their own pockets with over regulated ranges. I’m a member of a number of shooting organisations, including the ADA. All of which are proactive in their various fields ie: you get value for membership dollars. Australia is a joke with their far-reaching, do-nothing gun laws. The politicians that continue to add to those horrendous laws and have continued to whittle down the rights (yes, they are rights until they are stolen) of LAFOs should absolutely be ashamed of themselves. Never give these politicians your vote. Get to know your local representative. I know mine is a pistol shooter. What does yours stand for?

    • David M says:

      I agree with this. Voting becomes easier, and more powerful, when you put the sitting member last (if you don’t think much of their or their party’s performance), even if the other party is just as bad, you overthrow the apple cart they rely on for their predictions.

      Example: the M2 motorway in Sydney’s north west. The locals didn’t want it and protested vehemently against it. But as the electorate would always vote for that party, so what?

      The head of the company that built and owned the motorway was the party’s biggest donor – it’s what you get when party membership is only $5 a year. They could easily charge $500 and do without corporate donors, but that would mean listening to the party members, and there are people in the its hierarchy who would never do that.

      • Neil Jenkins says:

        Hi David
        Thanks for this insight. What happened? Did the members get listened to? I assume they lost – but at least had their presence felt by the MP?
        Neil Jenkins – NSC

        • David M says:

          Neil, they were not members of the party but local residents. The head of that party gave personal briefings regards policy to the head of the company that built and owned the motorway.

  17. Peter says:

    A message for Ron!

    Whenever you leave your property carry a notebook with you, iff you experience being stopped, questioned, or even worse, being searched by the N.T Police all too often, it is important to note the time , date and the police officers identity number and iff possible video thier actions.

    Keep note of all these details and once this happens several times, forward these details to the police commissioner in your State, and the N.T. States ombudsmen demanding a full investigation, suggesting you are receiving premeditated harassment from the N.T Police without justification.. ..This type of unconscionable conduct is a verry serious accusation for any Police Officer in any State to answere for and can lead to repremand or even dismissal for those involved iff proven…Remember, you are a Law abiding citizen and should be respected by the Police, I am sickend and tired of hearing these stories whereby model citizens are being treated like criminals simply because they own Legaly acquired, and registered firearms. It is a shamefull discrace, and the authorities involved should hang thier collective heads in shame!

    There is absolutely no room for Police corruption, thuggery, or any other form of outrageous behaviour by the Police in any State of Australia.

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