Shooting supports the economy

What we stand for

 Governments either ignore or don’t understand the economic importance of the shooting sports to the economy.

Governments need to promote the economic value and make shooting grow.

Why there is a problem

Economics might bore some, but it is what creates jobs and helps us pay our bills.  

Shooting contributes approximately $4b to the Australian economy, but the absence of government programs to support this is denying our community of significant development opportunities, especially in country areas.

We need governments and oppositions to have a solid narrative around the economic value of the shooting sports, and policies to support that. To do that, governments and oppositions need to consider:

  • The economic value of the shooting sports through a properly conducted study based on previous studies done in the UK;
  • What investments governments could make to unlock the value that the study identifies; and
  • Implementing “families afield” legislation used in 35 states in the US which has seen a significant growth in hunting in those states.